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Exasperated first time modder

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Honestly, I don't know how you guys do it! I've tried swapping interiors from 2 different Ertl Camaros and it has been a B***H!

I can't get the door panels to pop off without scratching all the paint off the inner doors and I'm afraid if I put more pressure in the prying, something will break. And it was a real pain in the ass to seperate the car. I commend and am in awe of all the modders out there. Now I see why you charge so much money. You are worth every penny.

Any tips? I'm ready to chuck one of the Camaros and chalk it up to a loss and forget any further modding....I got these Ertls in a trade recently and wanted to do some work on them, but.....hmmm, dunno now.

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Wait, wait I wouldnt give up! We all aren't pros when we first start out. You should see how bad my first plastic 1:24 kit came out (when I was 6) It is the ugliest thing ever in my whole collection but the first of many to come. All it takes is some patience, sometimes luck, and time. My main rule as a diecast modder or model builder is " work as slow as possible." I know it can be hard but all you need to make great mods or models is one thing, the "want" to do it. If you ever need help Im completely at your disposal. Im no pro but I have a lot of experience in the field of modding and model kit building. And if I dont know I can direct you in the right path to find a better answer. Dont give up!
Diecast Patty,

If it makes you feel any better I joined today because of the two Ertl Camaros I'm trying to mod. I can't even figure out hoe to take the wheels off. :confused Does anyone make a tall rear spoiler for these? I'm trying to duplicate my '72 Camaro in all it's rusting glory on one car and what I'd like it to look like on the other.
Sorry I didn't see this post earlier or I would have chimed in.

I am no expert, but I have modded a few models :giggle

If you both are wanting to swap interiors or change wheels. I would suggest removing the chasis first. This will require unscrewing from the body, you should be able to easily see the screws which hld the chasis to the boby of the car.

Once you have done this:

The wheels may require some more unscrewing. Make sure the wheels your replacing the current wheels with have compatible female/male parts. If it doesn't some modding may be required to mount them.

As long as both interiors are from the same model, the switch should be very easy to do as it will only be a matter of prying them apart from the body.

Hope that helps, if not just post more questions.

Good luck on the mods. :cheers
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Its been a while since I took an Ertl '69 Camaro apart, but if I remember correctly, the inner panels are on two stalks that are pretty close to the middle of the door laterally, and actually pretty close together. You need to get a real thin screwdriver, and run it around the space between the plastic inner panel and the die cast door. If you are careful, you should not damage any paint that is visible.

Also, sometimes (and I can't remember if the Camaro's were like this), there is a glob of the clear glue that they use sometimes, and that may inhibit the panel from coming off real easily, but if you work your way around the inner panel, eventually, the plastic dowels will work themselves out of the holes in the stalks cast into the outer door.

Good Luck!

Just took the door panels off (mine are 70's). Three pins with the one behind the window crank handle being the hardest. Got the other two off and popped the third with a large screwdriver. Dash and int bucket out, two wheels off and time to pop all chrome and "glass" out and prep for paint.

Thanks guys :cheers
If you have any questions we are here. :cheers
just one thing.

dont rush things...
I agree with you on that Petet!!!

I rushed my mini project and ended up rejecting it because I broke the front windshield... Its sitting in the bottom of my model box now. One day I might get it out and try making another screen for it
Sorry for this late reply Patty. You've probably already finished your mod. I hope it went well. For future reference, I've done a few interior swaps and for the door panels, some manufacturers use a bit of glue on the binding post to hold it in place. I use an old credit card to pry them apart. Something softer than the metal door so you don't scratch anything. If it won't budge, I use a hairdryer to heat the doors up slightly. Warm enough to soften up the glue without damaging anything else. Comes apart a little easier :cheers
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