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I miss this site and hobby, I also realized all of my old posts and photos from 7 years ago are gone. Most of you don't know they exist, so.....

I had collected nine 1:10 Exoto Ford GT cars back in 2004 (directly from Tony K. over at Exoto... a very painful experience but with good results). Most of the cars I bought were never released (they were prototypes and color studies)... Exoto is famous for that... anyway I never posted this particular picture, it is of the very car Exoto used to announce and show off their very first 1:10 th scale GT40 car at car shows in early 2000-02. I bought it damaged on Ebay about 6 or 7 years ago. I have 9 other cars and will continue to post them over the next few days, if there's interest.

Cheers all!!!


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