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Exoto announces yet another price rise!

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It isn't that long since they increased prices from a not inconsiderable $170 to $240 USD, and I just got their latest email advising me to "lock in" the old price ($240) by preordering as they are going to be increasing their prices to $299 USD soon!

I know we as collectors often complain about high Exoto prices and then eventually adjust to them and start buying them again, but 300 bucks for one model??? Are there really enough collectors out there who will buy the 1000's of models they make at that price per model??? I'd be amazed if there are, but I won't be one of them! That is a price gouge too far for me I'm afraid! :ranting :confused
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When I paid $152 for my Sauber, I thought that was about right for the quality. $240 is unreasonable but $300 is out of the question! However, they must do enough business to make profits on these items. Maybe they do well in other markets with wealthier buyers?
I noticed not to long ago that TK himself purchased 2 of the BBR 1/18 Enzo's on ebay.

It's just a guess but I think the price increase may have something to do with the competition's pricing.

Or maybe not.
I doubt it, generally I get the impression that their biggest market is in the US. In Europe they have found massive resistance to higher prices and when the prices went up to $169 in the US about 3 years ago or so prices in Europe were generally much cheaper (which Exoto explained as being due to European Exotos being of lesser quality compared to US ones, which then infuriated European customers as they then thought they were being sold inferior products! It wasn't true of course, but Exoto didn't want it known that they had far less price control in Europe than in the US).

Exoto never cease to amaze me with their pricing and customer service policies, (as they are so bad frankly) but I doubt things will ever change with them.

Ultimately collectors voting with their wallets will influence them in their pricing policies, but they have never dropped their MRSPs before, apart from limited offers and so on. So it would look like $298 is what prospective Exoto purchasers will be expected to fork out! :scared
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The email read the price "is expected to increase to $298.95 by the time the replica arrives" and referred to the Donahue Porsche 917/30 reissue and the Mansell Williams FW 14B. The increase might apply only to these two, or they may just be testing the waters to see if they can get enough pre-orders. But as much as I respect their quality, $300 is about $100 too much for any model. If they actually go through with such an increase, watch for Minichamps and other higher-end producers to come out with quality cheaper models to undercut Exoto, just as Minichamps did with the Donahue Porsche (at least I hope ).
This can be good and this can be bad. Maybe, like mosteller suggests, Minichamps, AUTOart and Kyosho can produce the same cars in a more competitive price (with little less quality of course). If that happens, Exoto just set a nail to it's own coffin.

Or maybe other brands will follow their lead. If so, expect price increases for every premium brand. I sincerely hope that is not the case.
Now my chances of getting my Le Mans winning XJR-9 LM have gotten really tiny. :cry

I hate to be pessimistic but it seems like all the other good brands will follow Exoto's footsteps. I guess it's normal? :confused
Ridiculous, isn't it?

So, basically, Motorbox has taken the place of Exoto (the Gold Line offerings are actually more expensive than the late 1990s Exotos) and Exoto prices have gone into the stratosphere. To be quite honest, I can't justify spending $300 for a model when I can still get a Kyosho or Minichamps for 1/5 of that. When Exotos were $120 or $150, I could see a reason to buy, but not at twice that price.

Do they actually think they're gonna gain buyers with this policy?
It seems that every company has increased prices this year. I can certainly understand price increases as it allows a company to stay in business. But as a consumer I cringe at some fo the prices these models have jumped to since I have been in the hobby.

It makes me wonder what can we as collectors expect in the next few years from the hobby.
:iagree :iagree I can't believe the market for $300 models is deep enough to sustain an across-the -board price increase of this magnitude. I have several Exotos but I have never spent more than $200 on any model, and my most expensive is the CMC Streamliner. While diecasts may be my hobby, I cannot logically justify spending that kind of money! Therefore, in my opinion, Exoto will not be able to sustain its market and the other higher-end makers will move into the lower end of the market that has been vacated by Exoto, say the $125 - $175 range.
$189 for a 1/18 = Why not, it's only money...

$240 for a 1/18 = Hmmm... Should I? :tempted

$300 for a 1/18 = You're out of your damn mind. :nutkick
:iagree But then again, this is a company with an ego that thinks if they can put their name on a watch and sell it for $4000, then they can certainlly sell models for $300.

I wonder how many watches they've sold! :confused
$300 is way too much for anyone. Most will think it twice before forking out such an amount for one model.

They can be greatly detailed, but still, at the end of the day, there are other manufacturers which do an amazing job for better value of money.

What I think, its just a thought. Is that Exoto wants to remove the average buyer and sell these cars to the elite, veblen goods so to say in economic language, were the high price will obviously remove the interest of smaller collectors but much richer people will notice them and start buying.

I just hope that at the end of the day, the one who had this brilliant idea gets a sweet kick in the buttocks!

Reissue???? And I thought I had a gem which was going to be really hard to find...... Is it me? or only Minichamps do not re issue models?
I doubt the Sultan of Brunei would be interested... :giggle
:iagree Ditto. These could have been my very own words (even as to the most expensive model of my collection). :iagree
I still have had a hard time dealing with the jump from $169 to $189.
At $169 I could get them discounted to $150 and at that price, I could still look at myself in the mirror. I did buy a lot of Exoto's back then...

When they jumped up to $239 they lost my business. There were still 2 cars I wanted and may have bit the bullet and got, but I would have waited a very long time to try to find a better deal.

Now, with the price at or near $300. this means the the price will be over $200 even with the never ending $50 coupon. I guess by offering the car at $290 with a $50 off coupon they get the price up to their $240. Even loking at the original price, that bring a $100 increase in less than a year. The cost of business has not gone up that much and niether has the quality/detail of the product.

As for the coupns. quite frankly I have grown very tired of seeing wich "deal" is going on to buy whatever car I am looking for. I just want to know what the "real' price is and be able to buy it when I want to for that amount.

For me, I could care less how much detail a car has, the sucker could start up and I am still not paying $300 for a diecast.

Plenty of other things for me to spend the $3000+ I spent on diecast last year on.
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I did not buy the BBR Enzo because the price of 300 USD is too high for me. And I will of course buy no Exoto for 300 USD.
I paid some 70-90 Euro for each of my Exoto 934 RSR and 935/76. Everytime I want to pay more than 100 Euro for a model I always ask myself if the model is really so perfect and if I really want it so much. But I cannot imagine a model (even the BBR Enzo) I would pay 300 USD.
Bad consumer relationship and absurd prices. What else are they going to do to bury themselves? Start producing sealed models? I sincerely think that Exoto is not a serious diecast brand; they don't care about business and they don't care about their consumers. It looks as if the company is supposed to loose money (tax purposes?) or it's a hobby for the owner, that funds it with money from somewhere else.
Their biggest fault is that they just don't get the product out to the market place.

I don't mind AUTOart or minichamps saying something will be out in 6 months time. It whets the appetite nicely. But to trail something as 'coming soon' and still be sat here waiting 3 years later for it is stupid.

I'll probably by the FW14B simply because it's one of my favorite F1 cars and I like the exoto detail (despite the fact that quartzo will release it for $100 or less this year too) and I've been waiting years for it so I might as well get it once it does show up.
not only that, but when we can get a 1/12 GMP C5R for approx $550, it really makes me think that they think we're a bunch of dumba$$ collectors. Exoto has definitely put me off of buying directly from them(unless of course it's a great sale). I'll shop for them on Ebay. :pullhair :ranting
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