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Exoto Customer "Service"

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I recently won an auction from Exoto's E-bay store (exoto1), the Rob Walker Lotus 49B of Joe Siffert, and when I took it out of the box I immediately noticed that the rear tires were askew. Not a little bit, but a lot. If I roll the car on a flat surface, driver's left rear tire doesn't roll square, it "rolls" awkardly. (is there a better term for this behaviour?)

So last week I called Exoto's customer service dept. and explained my problem the best I could. And they said it as one of their first models and something about the wheels are never quite perfrect. Not sure what I was hearing, I gave up on the phone call. After thinking about, not one of my diecasts have had this problem before, why should Exoto of all companies?

So I want to make my case again to Exoto, but I want more ammunition this time. First of all, do I have a valid complaint? Second of all, anything I can do to describe my situation? To try to help, I've included some photos of the car in question. Hopefully the photos will help illustrate the problem. Any advice that you can offer will be greatly appreciated!!!
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The pics deffenetly show a BIG problem! Looks like the wheel (where it connects to the spindle is bent :confused

I feel you definitely have a case here. From the pics you've shown, I'd say Exoto owns you a replacement. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Besides the photos, I would also suggest using their own words against them. If I'm correct, this auction probably stated that the condition of the item is: "MINT".

Show them these pics and the description. Ask them again how is this wobbling willie = MINT and demand a refund or replacement immediately.

Good luck. :cheers
Sorry to hear that :/
But hey, you got yourself the only 4WS 1/18 car around :giggle
I would contact the ebay seller first instead of Exoto; the seller should replace your item and then himself should ask Exoto for a replecement.
Exoto has the worst customer service by far in my humble opinion. I bought a standox 935 and when it arrived, the model was only in the plastic foam parcel, with the original and cover box missing. A mirror was broken (not detached), the rear wing was detached (thanks God not broken), but the rear window was cracked in two.

I e-mail them 3 times, tried to call them but it seems a customer from Greece ain't worth too much of attention after all. I will NEVER buy from those monkeys again..

PS. The 935 order was sent immediately to Greece. I had ordered the 934 two weeks before the 935 via a friend of my mine who lives in Boston. He paid the amount of money, got the 934, inspected it, it was absolutely perfect and then he sent it to me by mail. I thought I would save me the extra money and ordered the 935 to be delivered directly to me. :ranting :ranting :pullhair
I believe the seller Exoto1 is Exoto. That's the name they use on eBay to auction off/sell their products.
ive bought from exoto1 on ebay many times and never had a problem.
I have never had a problem with their QC or shipping for that matter, and see no reason why they would have shipped something of that caliber
without its original box. ALL of my exoto stuff has come double boxed.
I called them about a photetch peice that fell of my c9 and i got one shipped free same week.
Did you buy your 935 directly from Exoto? I cannot believe a manufacturer would sell you a product not in it's original packaging. Perhaps it was opened by Customs and they did a very poor job of re-packaging causing the damage and missing boxes.

I have bought numerous Exotos from Exoto and have found them to be very professional (mind you this is only when you buy directly from them).

Brake Check, if you bought from Exoto1 then that's Exoto directly. You have a legit complaint. Go pursue it with them.
If you bought it directly from Exoto (irrelevent if it was on e-bay) then you surely have a point. You bought it mint, and it isn't mint. I have tried to contact them the last couple of days but I have received any sort of reply. In other words.... their customer service sucks big time in my opinion.

The problem is simple, you bought something mint and it isn't. There is a breach of the contract of sale. You are totally entitled to get a replacement or get the money back.

EDIT: I think that they focus all their help to US and canadian customers.
New member here. Just signed up a little while ago. Hi all!! looks like a great place to come for hardcore nuts like me.I'm not new to diecast, Exoto or eBay though, by a long shot, and I have a suggestion or two for this situation. I would call Exoto again and ask to speak to Shane. Tell him you bought through an auction and about your wobbly wheel problem, and ask for either a refund or replacement with a model he personally inspects. Your weapon in reserve is to at some point say that you then have no option but to post very negative feedback stating that they refused to replace or refund a very defective model. If that doesn't get their attention, what will?Wobbly wheels and wheels that rotate poorly are more common on Exotos than any other brand I have seen. They put their emphasis on detail, which is OK with me, but not replacing defective models is totally bogus. Their customer service is quite varied, often terrible, and seems to depend largely on who you talk to. Many prefer to buy their Exotos from a good dealer who guarantees satisfaction instead of buying direct. From "previewing" it looks like this will come up formatted weird. Sorry about that.
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:welcome to DX, RickF. :cheers And :iagree Exoto needs to work on their customer service.

Welcome aboard and glad to have you :cheers

Hope you enjoy the forums.

Your post was typed with Paragraphs which explains the way it looks. I took the paragraphntags out so that it reads normal. Hope that helps :cheers
It definately crossed my mind Mattias, but that was the same scenario with the 934. It arrived too by mail and it had been checked. I cannot imagine the customs officer doing a perfect job once and then a terrible one the next time..

I tried to contact them but it's to no avail. It's far better to buy me another one when the time is right... Well, that's loser's tactics, I know, but I don't even want to think about it.
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