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Exoto Selling Watches

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Got an email today from Exoto, which I'm sure alot of you got as well, but for those that didnt, Exoto is selling racing inspired watches...

Here is there blurb about them:

"This latest Exoto new release is not a fine replica of a racing machine but a racing machine you can wear on your wrist! Introducing the BRM V12 ... To discover the BRM V12 watch is a little like admiring the starting grid of a Formula 1 race. To believe that mechanical performance and human ability can have a common denominator to push the envelop even further than any preset limit we had promised ourselves ... To wear a BRM V12 racing machine gives you a strong feeling of sensation, a personal engagement to the start of the most beautiful of races: the one we indulge ourselves to enjoy our pleasures and passion with to the limit!

Firmly attached to your wrist, you immediately get the feeling of being tightly harnessed like a racing driver in his seat. The BRM V12 is made to respond to your technical sense of superiority. Entirely machined from solid stainless steel and fully hand crafted, each precision time piece is unique. Case, strap buckles, bracing A arms, control buttons, lightweight minute, hour, and chronograph hands are entirely machined from solid, brushed, and then polished by hand by our highly qualified craftsmen that give each piece its individual identity." -- from the email.

Anyway, there are about 5 styles, most in the range of $3750 to $4450 (plus a $500 discount), and one that has an exposed movement for .... $14,350 :help

If anyone wants to see the full email with ordering details and pictures, I'll be happy to forward it to you.
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I'm curious to know how many they will actualy sell.
Why is it that their after-sales talk is not as eloquent as their sales pitch. Guess their VP (weepy) has nothing to do with their watch department.
Guaranteed for a lifetime too.......the mainspring goes and it slashes your wrist :giggle

If they cant fix a part on a $200 model , Im not gonna trust them with a $14000 watch :scared
$3700+ and they are not even Swiss Made?
You could get a very nice Tag or a Seamaster for that price range and really have an heirloom instead of helping Tony buy another Ferrari. :giggle
:iagree Give me the James Bond Seamaster ANY day!
That sure is a nice piece, Jorge! :cheers
thank you very much but my Casio G-Shock is quite enough.
Date, stopwatch, Timer, World times, alarm and analog & digital display. who needs more?

i don't understand why buying watches in such high price... so long it's not jewelry or some piece of art. any explanation?
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If Exoto is the one issuing the warranty, I'd have some very serious reservations. :giggle :giggle
I agree with what many have said here - How can we trust them with such expensive products when they performed poorly when it comes to CS.

Trust is something you have to earn. Sorry Exoto, no sale here.
:lol Are they serious; made in France with a 3 year warrenty? Give me a Timex!!
It's just as hard to explain the love of high end timepieces to some one than it is to explain diecast collecting.
If someone doesn't have an interest in the subject, then you will never be able to convince them "why" you collect.

Mechanical watches are "Art" and they are also "jewelry". If you can admire the craftsmanship and attention to detail in something, then it doesn't get any better than the works of art that watchmakers produce.
Truth be told, your Casio probably will funtion better as a timekeeper than any Rolex, Tag or any other brand you can think of. But, keeping time is not the only reason people buy Swiss Timepieces. They buy them because of their appreciation of the time and care that went into the design and building it and the materials used.
Its is the same when comparing a Mercedes to a Honda. They both take you from point "A" to point "B" Yet, people look at the Mercedes as something they desire more than the Honda.
The best way I can describe it it the fact that everytime I look at my watch I feel good.
Simple as that :lol
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I know what you mean Jeff.

My mother gave me a $1200 watch (it's a Bulova, I think...) for my 30th B-Day. It's a beautiful piece, but I would have never buy something like that for myself. Knowing me, I would probably spend the $1200 on something like a silly diecast robot or some other geeky stuff. :happy
I can understand someone blowing 10K+ on a Rolex, Cartier, Omega (my favorite) or Tissot. But I think the only one that would buy a 14K Exoto watch would be the one that already have watches from all the other good manufacturers.
I wouldn't even think about getting one of those! 14K? come on! They dont have a history regarding watches! No collector wpu;d be ready to blow such an amount on a new company offering...

I very much like my simple but nice Casio. ( which costed about $0.1K!!!)
I'd spend that money on something like a Omega and use the rest for diecasts :lol
You could get a nice Tag Carrera which is a fantastic looking watch with some real heritage and made by a "real" watchmaker for way less money than this ...thing :lol
Yeah i too got the e-mail and fell about laughing when i saw the prices. :giggle

I'll stick to my Seiko's and Citizen's. They keep good time.

Anyone know where i can buy more time? :happy :happy


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