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Exoto - Tony Keusseyan & Co.

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Being having massive issues with this mob. Apart from their extreme poor level customer service provided and manipulation of email conversations by their customer service lead which began for nearly a month, I decided to cancel all my pre-orders and accept there 20% re-stock fee as part of there Terms & Conditions. I requested for money to be wired back into my PayPal account within the 48-72 hours...This was over a week ago...they are stalling...and after reading various posts by people who had issues previously its really a waiting game with this mob.

I currently reside in Australia, does anyone know whether I should or can pursue advice by:

1. Lodging a compliant through PayPal?
2. Lodging a compliant to Attorney General Office Moorpark CA?? is it possible for a person that doesnt reside in the USA?
3. Lodging a compliant to Better Business Bureau Santa Barbara?

Any advice for this this diecast enthusiasts? Any contacts or email addresses that you can recommend?

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I would do all three! BTW, the topic was moved as it is a very specific subject and does not belong in the "General" section.
How can they charge you a "re-stocking fee" if they haven't delivered the models?
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The AG should have a website where you can download a complain form. How about contacting the Australian Embassy and tell them you were defrauded? Don't mention the amount, but they might contact the State Dept to make a call.

It is situations like this that would make me rather eat a pile of garbage than to own one of their models. If it is not heavily discounted where I know they lost money, it won't make it in my collection.
There is a whole pinned topic dealing with Exoto already: http://www.diecastxchange.com/forum1/topic/29718-for-those-who-buy-from-exoto/

Search DX and you will find many more.
i have had seven models direct from Exoto over the last couple of years, all the models i ordered were in stock & i had no problems with them, i did have a UPS parcel from them end up in Germany when i phoned up Exoto they were quite helpful, the model arrived ok in the end & was a result of UPS putting it on the wrong plane.

i don't know why people have so many problems, surly people know not to pre-order from Exoto as it's VERY well known that it can take years for them to release a model, i myself cannot wait for the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead to be released :)
How long are you willing to wait? I have the 2003 catalog and it is listed on it!
Funny how you are the only one that does not have an issue with them. Also, how can you defend the re-stocking fee on an item that was never delivered or never made for that matter. IMO, it is criminal to do so, and I hope some hungry attorney takes then to court an they are punished for it.
Frigging thieves!!!!
1 - 4 of 83 Posts
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