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Exoto - Tony Keusseyan & Co.

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Being having massive issues with this mob. Apart from their extreme poor level customer service provided and manipulation of email conversations by their customer service lead which began for nearly a month, I decided to cancel all my pre-orders and accept there 20% re-stock fee as part of there Terms & Conditions. I requested for money to be wired back into my PayPal account within the 48-72 hours...This was over a week ago...they are stalling...and after reading various posts by people who had issues previously its really a waiting game with this mob.

I currently reside in Australia, does anyone know whether I should or can pursue advice by:

1. Lodging a compliant through PayPal?
2. Lodging a compliant to Attorney General Office Moorpark CA?? is it possible for a person that doesnt reside in the USA?
3. Lodging a compliant to Better Business Bureau Santa Barbara?

Any advice for this this diecast enthusiasts? Any contacts or email addresses that you can recommend?

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jimst10, I'm very sorry to hear that you've been stolen from by this fraudulent organization. I think you'll find that we have allot of respect for collectors who actually take the time to stand up and take action against the likes of Exoto. Far too often anymore we see an attitude of "Oh well, karma (or some nonsense) will catch up to them. There's nothing I can do." I highly encourage you to file a complaint with the Calif. AG and make sure to let them know that you know for a fact that there has been a pattern of deceptive business practices over a period of many years by Exoto and specifically, Tony K.

So is your PayPal complaint an actual dispute? Or is the transaction too old? Restocking fee for a pre-order? BullSHIT!!!
next...i will be contact the local Ventura County Sheriff's Department, Moorpark, CA
Awesome! Let Exoto know you're swearing out an arrest warrant for wire fraud against Tony K.
I have never heard of "restocking" air. 20% loss for your trouble? BS. Let's hope potential customers read this and other Exoto threads and realize what a chance they're taking if they choose to buy from these people. Incredible products; rotten-to-the-core people.
Way back in early 2002, long before Exoto fell into the abyss, I "subscribed" to their First Heat Can-Am collection, which I think numbered eight cars. At the time each car was to have cost $169.95 and included a rolling chassis at no extra charge. Amusingly, the bonus chassis was thrown in as a thank-you for our patience... Typical promises on one car released every other month, starting later that year. Of course I got the 917/30 and 2E, but that's where it all seemed to end.

Fast forward to 2011 and I notice that my Exoto account still lists my pre-order for this collection, but does not specify exactly what I will eventually receive. Not only that, but the pricing has risen exponentially from the original amount. Currently I seem to be on the hook for $2939.25 but since Exoto are now asking nearly $600.00 per car, I guess the sky's the limit as to how much they might eventually try to charge.

By now it has become pretty obvious that Exoto will never produce another model in this range, what with pesky little things like copyright infringement lawsuits from Ferrari, Chaparral, etc.

Although I've considered cancelling my "subscription", I am now worried that they might try to hit me with an absurd 20% restocking fee. I guess it would probably be best to let sleeping dogs lie, but I have the nasty sense of a time bomb ticking in the background.

Yeah, I think I'd sit tight and just dare them to charge me something. It sounds like being proactive and cancelling will get you hit with the 20% BS.
is it wrong for me to say that i have not had any problems with Exoto?
I haven't had any problems with Exoto either. But what does that have to do with this thread?
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