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Exotos; How many do you own?

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:feedback Given that Darrick recently asked how many Porsches we own, and the general comments that have recently been made made regarding Exoto's customer service, I'm curious to know how many Exotos we own. :confused Perhaps us "average Joes" make up more of Exoto's market than they know!

I'll start off: Of my collection of about 85 models, I have 8 Exotos:

Chaparral 2C
Chaparral 2F
Porsch 935
Cobra Daytona Coupe #98
Ford GT 40 Mk II
Ford GT 40 Mk IV #3
Corvette Grand Sport #14
Lotus 49 #5

And please, I don't mean this to be a contest but rather to show Exoto that we are a significant portion of their market ( and I expect Exoto moniters this site ). :feedback
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Only one, the Standox Monte Carlo Magic Porsche 935. I know the purists hate these Standox colors, and to be honest it wouldn't have been my first choice, but that one was a good 50$ cheaper than all the others. :giggle

I'd really like a Villeneuve 312T4 and a C9, obviously.
i got 5... but all at pretty good prices....average around USD$120 each

Monte Carlo Magic 935
Martini Finish Line 935
Ford GT40 MK II
Ford GT40 MkIV
Sauber Mercedes C9 Michelin

+ 1 Motorbox 959 (cheap too!)

so i guess..total..6?
Have now recently 5 of them, all C9 Saubers 1:18....and also at quite good prices (exept for the #63 with extra chassis)....approx $ 150 (125 Euro) each....

- # 61 Le Mans
- # 62 Le Mans
- # 63 Le Mans Winner with extra chassis
- # 61 Kouros
- # 62 AEG
I have 2:

Porsche 934 in Interlagos Fire
Porsche 935 in Avus Galaxy

And I'll go on record again saying that I love the Standox cars! I'm not really into collecting "raced" cars, but I like the models and the car, so Standox is a great way to add a "racer" to my street cars without it sticking out!
- 934
- 935
- C9 Dopple Set
- C9 Prototype
- C9 Presentation
- Shelby Cobra
- GT40 mkII
- Motorbox 910

So 8 :)
c9 #62
Ferrari 641/2 japan Gp mansell and computer edition

and motorbox 959

so three at the moment.. but im looking at several more..
- 1969 Lotus 49B G.Hill (double wing)
- 1970 Ferrari 312B J.Ickx (no driver)
- 1971 Tyrrell 003 J.Stewart
- 1972 JPS Lotus 72D E.Fittipaldi
- 1976 Tyrrell P34 J.Scheckter (no driver)
- 1979 Ferrari 312-T4 G.Villeneuve (no driver)
- 1980 Renault RE-20 JP.Jabouille (no driver)

... and I have now pre-ordered my first non-F1 Exoto: the 1959 LM winner Aston Martin DBR-1 (hope my grand-grand-grand-son will receive it as soon as it is released!) :giggle
I hav just two..

Porsche 917/30 sunoco
Porsche 934 Jageameister
I'll add to this post in a couple of weeks :giggle
Cobra 260
GT40 (MK II)
Cobra Daytona Coupe

I only have six because they don't come with screws.
Of 152 models, just three are Exotos, plus two Motorbox models (one incoming):

Ford GT40 MkIV Le Mans Test Car Holman Moody
Sauber-Mercedes C-9 Prototype
Shelby Cobra Daytona (Scuderia Filipinetti) - still the crown jewel of my collection


Porsche 959
on the way...Jaguar XJR-9LM
These are my exotos:

I'm still looking for the other Porsche 934/935. This are awesome models.
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I have 3.5 - Porsche 935 black, 934 black, Mercedes C9 Michelin and Porsche 959 silver (counts as half :giggle ). I haven't paid more than $100 for any Exoto so far. With their escalating prices, I doubt if I'll be able to find many more of them at reduced prices.

Like to get a pair of racing 935/934 some time in the future. Jagermeister set would be ideal if anyone has one for sale. Willing to trade some of my rare stuff for them also.
I've got 7. I bought these because of other people's photos! :pullhair

Ford GT40 Mk II #1, #2 and #5 (1966 1-2-3 LeMans Podium Finish)
Sauber-Mercedes C9 #63 w/ rolling chasis (1989 LeMans - 1st Overall - C1 Class Winner)
Shelby Daytona Coupe #5 (1964 LeMans - 4th Overall - GT Class Winner)
Shelby Daytona Coupe #13 (1965 Daytona Winner)
Shelby Daytona Coupe #54 (1965 Nurburgring Winner)
What? That's crazy! Are you just throwing a number around? j/k :giggle
1979 Ferrari 312 Villeneuve
1989 Ferrari 641 Mansell
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