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F1 Decals..

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Hey gang, I am trying to put Marlboro decals on my Hot Wheels 2003GA F1 car.. I was wondering what I should use to help the decals stay down, especially around the sway airbox on the rear. The decal itself isn't sticky, so what can I use to make sure the corners stay down? (anyone try elmers glue?) I just want to make sure that whatever adhesive I use doesn't destroy the decals. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Matt
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You need to pick up 2 bottles of decal solution from Microscale Industries---MicroSet and MicroSol.

After removing the decal from a warm water bath(loosens the decal from the paper backing) apply a liberal amount of MicroSet to the area where the decal will sit. After placing the decal, again apply a liberal coating of the MicroSet and if needed you can dab up the extra with a cotton swab(Q-tip) that has been moistened on the end(it doesn't need to be wet...just moistened). If the decal is sitting on a corner, edge, crease etc, you can use the MicroSol. Apply over the decal. This will help to let the decal "sit" in these areas and look painted on.

NOTE-don't use too much M-Sol and don't play with the decals too much as the M-Sol can cause them to tear or deform.

Hope this helps. :cheers
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