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Yes I love those trucks!. I live in New Zealand and the largest trucks here until recently were Toyota Lancruisers! Ford has started to import Right Hand Drive F150's and F250's. They are made right hand drive by a New Zealand company and they apparently have better quaility interiors than they get in the factory! I haven't seen one of the 2004 model F150's yet. I actually like the look of the F250 more than the F150. I have 2 Beanstalk F150's and three Ertl F150's (a Harley Davidson ed, a standard blue model and a Outdoors version.)
They do look Huge in New Zealand, I saw a guy in a Nissan Patrol wilt when another pulled up next to him in a double cab Ford F250! It dwarfed his truck.

Personally I like the look of the Dodge Ram. There are quite a few of those where I live now as they are importing them and converting them to right hand drive (Chevy Silverados are here too). The same company does Ford and Dodges (Conversions in New Zealand).

I have about 10 or 12 Dodge Rams (Ertl 2500's and Anson 3500 Dually's) and 1 Motor Max double cab 2004 Ram.

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