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Federal German Border Guard

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Border Protection Group-9
Formed as a direct result of the tragedy at the 1972 Munich Olympics GSG-9's primary task is to combat terrorism. This unit operates as a division of the Federal Border Police and is responsible for counter terrosism and the protection of German diplomats and installations. This group was highly effective during the Lufthansa hijacking in Somalia 1977.

This fully poseable figurine comes with combat fatigues, diecast guns, helmet and shield. There is a separate balaclava, ski mask, walkie talkie, knee guards and extra ammunition clips.

He now stands guard over my Maybach 62.

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Cool Winston :coolpics

..Is that one of the Dragon range of figures??
Thanks BJ. Its a part of the Elite Force collection. Here's a link to the website.
Elite Force

These have just started appearing here and i got this one for about 14.5$. Its supposed to be the 'introductory price', which i seriously doubt it is. The actual price was listed as 35$. But its really a nice collectible to have and i am looking forward to add a couple more this week.
Would be cool to have figurines like that in 1:18.
There is a company that makes them, but the clothing is part of the plastic and not cloth. They sell them at TRU here. I forget the name of the company, but I bought the "Little Bird" Helicopter that they have. The detail is good.
LUW, check this link for the 1:18 figures. They are like G.I.Joes, but there is a cool looking SWAT team in there.
1:18 Elite Force

ALso be sure to check this out. Its backlit and the altimeter moves according to the joystick. Ultra cool
Veryu cool Winston! I'll see if perhaps I can find those 1:18 down here.
I could see myself having a giant collection of these :tempted

I am afraid that all it would take is just one :cry
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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