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Ferrari 308GTB QV

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Finally got my Ferrari 308GTB QV, the 308 was the 1st Ferrari i laid my eyes upon and i still love the pure beautiful linesof this car... one of the best and most beautiful cars ever...

here are some pics....
(more on the "no thanx to Kyosho" part later)

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very nice mock! :cheers :happy
Okay.... why no thanks to Kyosho???
Well, when i bought the car, i thot... WOW perfect~~~
But whne i got home and tried to unscrew the bases..all the screws came off easily except for one....

I tried and tried and tried until even the head of the screw became totally useless

So, i sawed off the damned thing and used a grip to unscrew it....
LO and behold! the screw they used was bent!!!!
THAt's why i could not even get it to come off with a normal screwdriver in the 1st place

As you can see form the pics, i sawed the base thingy off....
But the WORSE PART?????

no..its not the plastic dirt that dirtied the car abit...no....
ITS THAT THE damn bloody Ferrari emblem of the rear came loose during the sawing process..... and it got slightly bent.... and there was no way i could get it back on, cos somehow the adhesive they used didn't cover the whole emblem in the 1st place!

I had to debadge my 308.... all thnx to the arse at Kyosho who screwed up!!! (literally)

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Sad to hear, will you buy A Kyosho again?
i'lll still probably buy Kyosho...but im just really really pissed off at them this time... i might write them a formal complaint letter....
Kyosho is the worst offender when it comes to overtightening screws. And why do they have to use so many? Why the separate base? My Speedster had 11 screws! :ranting
Most excellent shots! Congrats on the new addition. :nicejob :cheers

Bummer about the screw & badge. :scared I would definitely send them the above photos. Maybe they'll at least give you a discount on your next Kyosho purchase other than an apology. Worth the try.
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