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From Ixo's 1:43 Ferrari collection, the 1972 365 GT/4 2+2. The large coupe, designed by Pininfarina, had a long life - originally with the 4.4 litre V!2, it became the 400 GT in 1976, when the engine capacity was enlarged to 4.8 litres. It was subsequently known as the 400i & finally the 412.

Ixo's model is a pretty good representation, with the correct six tail-lights of the early car. It is also nice to see a colour other than red - the metallic blue suits the car. The interior is well done, and even though it is done in black, it is easy to make out details, thanks to the open driver's side window - down to the prancing horse on the steering wheel boss.

I've always liked the lines of this car and I'm very pleased with it.


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