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Kyosho 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizone

Paint: 8

The paint is awesome; very smooth and clear coated. The racing graphics are all tampo'd on, no stickers. Graphics that cross shut lines line up perfectly. The hood has rivets painted onto the hood, yet they are raised, you can feel each rivet. The "fins" on the front fenders also have rivets, but these are actually raised rivets from the mold, and also are painted very well. The painted silver trim around the windows is perfect, no over spray. Actually, no over spray anywhere. The "cursive" driver names tampo'd on the side are perfect. This car has 9 different exterior colors, all either spray painted or tampo'd.

Exterior: 8
The shut lines are tight. The hood, trunk, and both doors open. The doors have a nice "spring" to them. Door hinges are not noticeable. The hood rises on two pneumatic struts. In the hood, there are two vent openings, they are covered with real mesh which is silver colored. The front bumper area also has grill areas which are covered with real mesh, which is black colored. You can see thru all the mesh covered openings. The headlights are done very well, slightly opaque lenses with orange bulbs behind them, which show through the opaque lenses quite nicely. They reside behind clear lenses that are flush with the front bumper area. On my model, one of the lenses covering the actual headlight came off and resides within the flush lens covering. I am not going to fault this however, it most likely happened in shipping. The front turn signals have the Ferrari prancing horse tampo'd on them in black, and it's very sharp and very legible. There also is a black plug on the passenger side front fender for battery connections.

The hood has two hood straps/buckles on each fender to hold down the hood. These are black rubber with painted silver buckles. There are also 2 chrome pieces on the top of the front fenders which I have no idea what they are for, but they are rendered very well. None of the chrome trim pieces have any mold lines anywhere throughout the car.

The front windshield has 7 chrome tabs that hold the windshield on, and a single wiper blade with 2 arms. The side windows have sliding pocket windows that, what? Actually slide? Yes, they actually slide open and closed along chromed tracks with rivets! The doors have chrome door handles and 2 additional chrome pieces which again, I don't know their function, but they are rendered extremely well. The drivers door also has a chromed mirror. The rear window has 2 chrome bars that hold the window on.

The rear of the car...there are 6 rear lights, 4 of them as from the factory. These 4 have chrome bezels and "rubber" trim. The additional 2 lights I presume are for racing. All are real colored plastic (red and orange), and look superb. The trunk lid has a nice chrome license plate light holder and 2 rubber straps to keep the trunk closed. The trunk has 2 holes drilled in the lid for the fuel. Open the trunk and you see the fuel system, with the fuel nozzle openings which are braced so they stay lined up with the trunk holes. The tubing in here is either thick clear plastic, or thin silver rubber. These have metallic blue and red connectors.

Interior: 8
The drivers seat has been replaced with a racing seat (supposed to be that way, came that way)...the racing seat has a 6 point racing seat belt which is fabric and photo etch buckles. The seat has a suede texture in the middle sections of the base and back, and the head rest also has a suede texture. The remaining areas of the seat has a leather texture. The seat is soft and pliable. The racing seat belt goes thru the rear of the seat and attaches to the roll bar behind the seat.

The passenger seat is the factory stock seat, and is molded very well with a leather texture. This seat has fabric seat belts with photo etch fasteners also.

Being a race car, the carpet is gone, but it's supposed to be gone. The interior sides of the doors have the sliding pocket windows and each door also has a "pull string" (for lack of better words), so the driver/passenger can pull the door shut. Nothing else on the interior doors…all unneeded stuff is gone. These are separate pieces and are attached to the door with silver pieces.

The dashboard is different than the factory dashboard. It's covered with riveted simulated metal panels. The gauges are in one of these panels, and they are ringed in chrome. There is also a really cute red clear plastic "warning light" on the dash for the driver. It's bigger than the gear shifter knob, and looks awesome. There is also a red colored pull lever to the lower left of the dash, don't know what it's for.

The steering wheel is black/silver, and has the Ferrari logo tampo'd on in the center. The gear shifter is chromed with a black knob, and the gate is chromed. The lines in the gate are painted black (where you would move the gear shifter). It has a chrome reverse gear lockout. Their are two levers on the steering column. The clutch, brake, and gas pedals are black and are separate pieces. The rear view mirror is roof mounted and angled authentically.

The interior has a black roll bar, and a fire extinguisher. The roof is finished in a flat off white color.

Wheels/Brakes: 6
The wheels are 5 spoke gold with black centers. The brake rotors spin with the wheels inside fixed brake calipers. The tires are thick and fat, and are labeled "Good Year". The rear tires are taller and wider than the front, and all have great tread pattern.

Engine & Undercarriage Detail 8
Engine block is silver with red valve covers with "Ferrari" scribed in silver. Spark plug wires are soft, pliable yellow going to 2 brown colored distributors. The two oil filters are orange in color. All hoses are rubber and pliable, and depending on the hose, they have different textures…smooth or "corrugated".

The brake master cylinder is black and silver. The radiator has a chrome cap. One of the hoses going to the radiator has a silver fastener. The alternator, fan driven accessories are silver in color. The battery is white with a black top, with silver connectors at the end of the soft pliable battery cables. The battery has tampo's on it. There are tampo labels also within the engine compartment. The exhaust headers are flat white.

The inside of the hood is textured and painted flat black. The pneumatic struts that hold the hood open are black and chrome. You can see through the mesh covered hood vents.

The side exhausts are hollow, and the pipes are painted white. The interiors of the pipes are painted black, and again, they are hollow.

The chassis is well detailed, mostly black. The chassis is several pieces, not one big molded piece. The rear mounted gearbox/transmission is silver, as is the engine block. And there is NO Hot Wheels logo or mention of licensing on the car at all.

The suspension is operational, and this is no Maisto suspension. It functions as the real one would function, with real coil over shocks. The control arms, suspension pieces, etc move with the wheels. All 4 wheels are independently sprung on real coil springs and move up and down with a nice "spring" to them.

Competition: 6
Kyosho and Hot Wheels both make factory Daytona's, but Kyosho is the only one that makes this racing version in 1/18. It looks like a new mold, different from the Kyosho factory Daytona's, as it has larger wheel flares, sits higher, and the front head lights are neither pop up or the opaque strip. The trunk also is drilled for the gas nozzle.

Desirability: 6
Quality is excellent...it does blow away the older Exoto's, such as my Cobra Daytona Coupe. And no Exoto to my knowledge has pocket windows that actually slide.

Overall: 50

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WOW!!! Thanx mrmilo, looks like this forum is going to cost me money again! :angel:
Great review, especially for your first one! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Great car also :angel:

Excellent review, really in-depth and detail-by-detail. BTW the two protrusions from the doors are the lights for the roundel with the cars number, if Im not mistaken. I look forward to more of your reviews.

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JRO said:
:nicejob :nicejob
Good work, Mrmilo!!!
I have one, and I believe that "she" is one of the top 3 of my garage :happy
And now, the REAL THING!!!!!!!!!
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