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Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

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Here's my next review guys, hope this will help you whe buying the new 612 Scaglietti:


The paint layer is slightly on the thick side. It does nog look like normal paint either. Looks like they're using a different kind of stuff then the other manfacturers. The Ferrari logos on the rear are poorly painted chrome though, there should have been a bit more paint on them.
Decals are in the right positions, and they look very good.



The overall body shape looks just like the real thing, good fitting parts and the panel gaps are ok.
I still hate the headlights, the glass is too thick and you can see where it's fixed. The lights themselves are not at the right shape and size. One thing that really freaks me out is the visible glue between the black front spoiler and the red body. You can see glue sticking out...
The grill is too thick ans too shiny. A bit of silver paint would fix a lot here. The rear of the car is much better, I'm glad Hot Wheels didn't use plastic hoods ot other body parts on the 612. So the whole body is in the same color.



Probably the nicest part of this model. THe steering wheel to start out with is very good detailed and makes you forget the 'wheel shaped' piece of plastic in their Enzo. The black bits on the dashboard are painted in a matt kind of black. Makes it look much better. The middle console is not painted and hasn't got any decals to simulate the buttons. The shifting flippers behind the wheel are much too big and the don't fit with the steering wheel. But at least they're painted silver.
The beige colored parts are a bit shiny but they look ok when the car is in the shadow.



The wheels really amaze me. The paint on the rims is superb and the logo is centered properly. The calipers are not fixed to the discs and the discs turn with the wheels. There's a nice Ferrari logo on the calipers. Discs in the right color as well. They remembered their company is called HotWheels, so they made their hottest wheels yet on this one. The tire treading is well done but the tires shine too much. Whatever, drive it through some gravel 2 times and it's fixed. Unfortunately the tires are not branded.



HotWheels is starting to make better engines. The paint on this one is right, however the panel in the front of the engine bay should have been silver. The engine is built from a few seperate parts, but its quite nice anyway.



There's no competition, and I think there won't be any soon. Since HotWheels has got the licences to make it and nobody else.



It should be released over the whole world in a few days now. (I've got it already :teasing). I think the price is much too high. It should be in the Maisto range. You could get a nice UT for this ones price (35,- euro). It would have been better at 27,50 euro.
A new Ferrari is a MUST HAVE for every Ferrari nut or sportscar collector. Those Hot Wheels guys just force you to buy it :lol.



For me it really is a must have. I'm full time Ferraristi, so I need this one too. HotWheels has done a good job on this one, but the price is very high. It would have been nicer if some better manfacturer made this. They could have given it to Kyosho and make a high and a low quality version, like they did with the 365 GTB Daytona. It also looks extremely big to me, but I don't know if its a mistake. Because I didn't see the 1:1 in real yet.


I will attach the pics in the next few posts.
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Great review rinijhof! :nicejob
I know the Scaglietti is an awesome machine, but it's engine isn't as nice as the old ones. Modern engines are looking more similiar every day.
Thanks for the great review, Rico. :cheers
The model shows that Hot Wheels is starting to pull their weight with their models. Those wheels look great for a Hot Wheels model.
Great review riconijhof :nicejob

Can't wait to get my hand on it... :danbanna
You convinced me....I'll get it.

Apart from the poor exterior detail, it actually looks like a nice model!

Thanks for the review and photos

Thanks for the great review.. I will add this one to the collection.
The steering wheel looks really THICK though!

Breaks my heart to buy another hot wheels ...
Great review!!! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

I must add this to my collection :cheers
Great Review Rico :cheers
I plan on getting this one myself in blue :danbanna
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