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The F355 is one of my favorite Ferraris too, definitely my favorite V8 one, but I've never felt the need to waste money "upgrading" from my old UT.
The pictures show very clearly how bad the panel gaps on both the Kyosho and the HWE are. And the Kyosho's shape is just atrocious, the entire rear end, the roofline, it's off by miles. And it looks like someone did a really cheap lowering job on it. I'd say that usually, Kyosho beats HWE pretty bad, but here they both don't cut it.
Whereas the UT's perfect shape, much better looking rims, tight panel gaps, and mine has the tan interior... for me it wins easy, it looks a million times better than the others that are over 10 years newer. The old UT 550 Maranello is great as well.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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