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Nice comparison. I have both the HWE and HW cars. The non elite is the one with the paddle shift F1 version. I had planned to get the UT before I got the HW but the lack of calipers troubled me. UT made two versions and the latter one received the calipers and were expensive in the second hand market for probably the same reason. I still regret not getting the yellow HWE which a better presence. The side skirts on the Kyosho take away from its look.
Nice comparison and interesting acquisition timeline. Is the GTS version the most sought after because of the 007 GoldenEye connection?
I guess not. I happened to get this1/43 Altaya just to itch the scratch of owing the 355 before I ever got the 1/18s. It comes with Xenia Onatopp figurine and a suitable muddy road base with tire marks. Unfortunately the front wheels dont steer and are stuck in the drift position.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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