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Ferrari F40 #60 Jean Alesi Laguna Seca 1 Hour IMSA GTO 1989 (Hotwheels Elite)




. decals cartography

. painting of the bodywork

. painted red upper rear spoiler

. radio antenna on the roof

. facts hand aerators on all 4 wheels

. change window grille cloth pilot

. change per kit passenger seat black box of tremonia

. pneumatic sander

outside the car is very good paint and decals perfect too, the car is open all the bad news is that there is a body part that is very well finished off by too much slack there is in the rear (shown in photos ) wheels and tires are very well reproduced, the car has disc brakes 4-wheel perforated

the interior is very detailed, this flock and the seat belts of cloth, the floor of the car looks good to carbon fiber, the dashboard is as flocked, in the passenger side of the extinguisher can see a bit of wiring the radio equipment and protective grille cloth is

the front you can see the big radiator, suspension system with springs included and nothing else

the engine is very detailed, is quite simple and not see any great detail, some forograbados metal and little else, which is something I miss wiring and metal or plastic hoses as there is nothing at all

Photos now

1º round

2º round

3º round

last round


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That is seriously TASTY ws6_22 !!

Just one question tho'.... why the heavier netting on the drivers window??

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I am sorry to say this, but you took a model with a terribly wrong headlights and modified it to represent a car to which the front is even more wrong now.
The Alesi F40 has a regular road car headlights and nose with the LM radiator and vent on the hood. You can reproduce it, by combining the upper part of the street F40 with a cutout in the middle that would match the LM chassis.
The model looks like there was quite a bit of work put into it with great quality, but if you are going through all this trouble why not make it right?
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