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few new Viper pics

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Stach great picture
Sweet that you can see every detail in the car :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers
:cheers Yeah i am very happy with the camera! still got alot to workout though! :cheers
madd ass pic :cheers

now that you got the hang of your camera, your pics are better than excellent!!

one thing though, we need more pics of the Viper!!!
Superb pic Stach!!! :danbana :danbana :danbana
Thankyou fella's! Your kind words are very much appreciated :) :cheers :cheers
What a great model Stach! It looks like you're getting the hang of the new digicam too. :happy That's a superb picture you took. I don't imagine that dark purple was all that easy to illuminate.
Great picture there Stach! Your camera is powerful. :cheers
Great pics!!!! But where did you get those wheels? They look great!!!
The look like wheels from a Crossfore, but the only 18 scale Crossfire
I know of is made by Welly and I don't remember the wheels looking that
good on it!!!!!
is the paint ment to be like that mate?
I got the wheels from the Bburago 1:18 crossfire .. which is out over here in west aus, although it did cost me $60aud for it :\. I loved the rims! the only ones i was happy with on the viper! the rears a wider and taller than the fronts..

The paint is custom done in proper 2 pack car paint.. done by a friend of mine. in stronger light the purple part changes to gold and blue aswell :). here's another pic

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That paint is at once eye-catching and eye-POPPING! :tongue :nicejob
Thanks speed :) :cheers :cheers
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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