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FiAT Bertone X1/9

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i finally bought my 60TH car!!!! YAY!!!!!!!
a nice significant car (at least to me) to make a nice round number.... :)

:cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers
its a car i;ve been waiting to get for quite a long time , and since there's no new shipments of cars arriving anytime soon, i decided to grab hold of this little Fiat...

i love it.... nice cute little car... wish i will have the chance to drive one, one day. my dad used to have one of these...but i never got to drive it...

i remember it sat really low and sitting in the car was almsot like sitting on the ground....
it isn;t fast by today's standards and it leaked...but still, i think it's an enjoyable car....

the model of this car is really nice..... though i wish the rims were more sporty and am i asking too much for the removable top cover to be able to fit inside the front compartment? hehe..probably..... hehehe..

i was comparing this to another minichamps i wanna get, the BMW Z1, but i figured the nice removable stuff and features of this car made it a more interesting car to get... the front lights flip up, the front compartment opens, the mid mounted engine has its own seperate cover which is openable and the rear trunk is also openable, the roof like i said, is removable... makes it a really fun diecast to have, wld have been more fun if the top cover could be placed into the front trunk...but that's probably asking for too much for a minichamps.

next up.... Z1....hehe....

sadly, without a cam to take some shots, i had to find some elsewhere... hope they don;t mind....


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The Minichamps X1/9 is a very nice model M'Bird.

I've looked at one close up on several occasions, and i can certainly say its another great effort from Minichamps.

Congrats, very nice model :cheers
MB, it looks great! I have it on my wish list.
Looks really nice, do they make it in green?
I believe they're releasing a blue one also. I like the green. :cheers
Very nice. Congrats! :nicejob
Congrats MB!! I didnt think this would be a car you would get but thats a very like you said, fun and nice looking model. I know very little of the subject matter of Minichamps but this one is one I wouldnt mind in my collection either.

MB BTW: Over time I have grown to look forward to seeing what you get next. Every model you get is awesome and your one of the very few collectors that has a collection in which I want every car. Good work! :cheers
ahaha.... thanks! i feel flattered... :p
most of the time, i go for cars which i get some sort of nice "feeling" over....
no particular theme nor category.... maybe thats y my collection is a mixmatch of cars....haha...

next car? hmm.... notihng at the moment i guess..... hope i can continue surprising u....

as for the X1/9, i say to those who are on the fence to go get one... its a little beauty with nice details. i keep looking at it.. and playing around with it when i have the time....

a special little car..... mini Ferrari

here's a bit of info on the little car:
The Fiat-Bertone X1/9 was designed at Bertone, one of Italy's finest design houses, the birthplace of such cars as the Lamborghini Countach, Miura and the Lancia Stratos. It was first launched in Italy in 1972, however it was not until 1977 that we saw the arrival of the right hand drive version. The X1/9's mid-engined design was influenced by racing cars of the day, and it soon became the biggest selling mid-engined production car, which ultimately reached some 170,000 world wide.

X1/9's attracted the attention of the motoring press and were frequently described as a "baby Ferrari". In 1981, the X1/9 was voted by the American "Road and Track" magazine as "one of the best ten cars for the eighties", despite the fact that the car had already been on sale for nine years.

The only major change in the X1/9's seventeen year production history, was in 1978 when Fiat introduced the 1498cc engine and five speed gearbox from the Strada / Ritmo. This replaced the existing 1290cc / four speed mechanics that had been used exclusively up until this time. The X1/9 was available in various special trim versions during its production run, which included the 1300 Lido, the 1500 VS and the Gran Finale.
What an awesome piece!! I remember a friend of mine who had one of these cars back in the late 80s. When you rode in it, it felt as though you were in a go-cart! These little babies sat very, very low to the ground!!

Great addition! :cheers
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