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Finally bought my JAG!

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Just bought the JAG XJ-13 (when my girfren was out of the country... coincedence? :nutkick )

Wow! what a model... i have been eyeing this car for the longest time ever and it feels really nice to have it finally....

This car is gunning for the number 2 spot in my collection...so the BMW M3 GTR betta watch out!

no pics cos my camera's still broken..sorry..but i'm sure if u guys look around here u can find pics of the magnificent car..... the bodywork is just plain beautiful.... the whole design of the car just shouts: "JAGUAR" looks at the way the rear arch curves , like the legs of the cat... flowing from back to front like the front leg clawing its way forward..... beautiful....

sounds like a review yah? well... gonna find some time to write about this car one day... :) :cheers

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Congrats on the Jag MB! :cheers
I've been lusting after that one for a long time.
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