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Hi to all

I have discovered a way that you can pick the dips and troughs in your customs without too much trouble

Here is how it works

I use a grey undercoat over the bare model and then sand back with a fairly coarse grade of sandpaper (any grade will do the job) or file

Then I use Tamiya Model putty to fill in the low bits

Reapply the paint to the model (*after you have cleaned it down again)

continue the process untill you are satisfied with the bidy finish

Then apply at least three coats of body primer to give the paint something to grab into once you start spraying the colour on

With the clear coat I use a fan net to the model to make the paint go tacky as it hits the object being painted so that you can get an even coating all over (normnally two or three coats) then I turn the fan off and leave the model over night or for a couple of days

spray one final coat at about 10cm from the model and leave it for a few weeks before you polish it up and add the final touches to

Hope this helps

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Thanks for posting, great material. :cheers

I haven't used any putty yet as I amnot experienced with molding it.

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I use it to fill door handle holes, low spots on the body and around joins that dont line up properly

With the Ute I just wacked a lot of putty together and then shaped it to the contour of the rear of the vehicle and then add other details as I see fit

The whole rear of the ute has a large amount of putty stuck to it (nearly a whole 250g pack of Milliput)

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As the top of the ute appears to be smooth, how is the thickness and is the under carriage as smooth as the top ?

I think you did a magnificent job with the putty on the ute :cheers

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The thickness of the extension on the roof started out pretty thick and then once it set I ground away a large amount so that the role cage would fit and so that it would look neater oonce it is painted black again

The chassis of the car hasnt been modified at all apart from the interior makeover so it will still use its original mounting points... That was one of my biggest factors when I started the model.... keeping the rear mounting points so that the model would stay together

The underside of the tray area isnt really smooth its got three large columns of putty to support the plastic on top and keep it rigid

I will take a shot of the inside of the shell and put it in the ute topic
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