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Hi guys,
this time I present you a RestoMod I made on a Sunstar Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v in the fashinating red livery used just at the Rally Sanremo in 1989.

It came with ruined decals on the left side and the engine hood, so I decided to restore and modify it with major updates on both the interiors and the exteriors. Here is it at the original state:

First step was to delete the original decals from the body, in order to be able to apply a brand new set of decals drawed by me.

It also gave me the opportunity to discover that the Sunstar Martini path on the side is pretty wrong in its shape and it arrives wrongly on the front bumper, while the real car didn't have livery on it. After almost a hour and after a fast application of Tamiya Compound, it was ready for the new decals:

In the meanwhile the poor original interiors had been taken apart for a huge upgrade:

Similarly to the model I've presented at last year tuners contest, I upgraded the interiors in several parts like:
  • Aluminium paint instead of black
  • Modified rollbar in the doors area to remove the 90 degree section (fake)
  • Added metal pedals
  • Added kevlar textured decals on the front floor and on the battery box
  • Added cloth seatbelts with photoetched parts
  • Added rear wall bag for tools
  • Added brand new spare wheel with 3d printed rim by me (Speedline Scomponibile shape) with cloth fixation belt
  • Added cables for battery and piping for brakes, water and fire extinguisher system
  • Added crew names, Martini stripes and Sparco logo on the seats headrests
  • Added kevlar texture to the rear side of the seats
This was the final result:

After the job on the interiors, I moved on the body, applying the new decals:

Final step was to start rebuilding the model, not before having lowered a bit the ride height on the front wheels to better match the tarmac spec I want to make for the model. After adding a brand new set of 3d printed rims by me, a set of front brake coolers, a new metal exhaust, new realistic mudflaps (in folded shape), a new metal repair under the front bumper and several photoetched parts on the body, this was the final result:

This had been a big effort but now the model is on pair or superior to Kyosho standards for the well know Deltona HF.

The model is now for sale, so if anyone is interested is free to ask.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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Great job!! It's so much nicer now, nice work!!
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