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Hello guys,
I'd like to share with you my last modification on a rally car, made on a Subaru Impreza 555 by Sunstar and recreating the winning car from the 1995 Rally Sanremo, driven by Piero Liatti and Alessandro Alessandrini, lined up by ART Engineering Team.

Here is the list of modifications I made:
  • Completely new paint in the right shade of blue;
  • Updated interiors with fabric safety belts and photoetched particulars;
  • New metallic pedals;
  • New scratch made Cromodora rims, designed by me and 3d printed;
  • New metallic closing springs for the rear trunk;
  • Decals drawed by me and printed by professional.
And now some pictures to show you the WIP phase and the final result.

The model with the original paint stripped down

Here with the new paint and some black trimming on the body

Decals applied to the body

The new safety belts with photoetched buckles

A particular of the rear

The new metallic springs used to fix the rear trunk

The rear trunk with the spare wheel mounted on the new Cromodora rim

A particular of the new 3d printed Cromodora rims

And now some images of the final result:

Hope you like it!!!
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