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My Kyosho Miura Jota suffered from ill-fitting engine cover that would leave a hideous 1/8 inch gap in closed position. This was a problem with some of the first red Jotas with the all-black wing. Most were lucky and got one with a good fit but not me. I was prepared to fully disassemble the entire model to fix it but luckily it wasn't necessary.

The problem is with the enlongated u-shaped metal brace the runs around the back of the engine block. The rear suspension is attached to this piece and it wasn't secured properly so the whole thing sags. The way it was positioned, it was blocking the engine cover keeping it from closing all the way down. If you push the brace forward until the ends touches the firewall, there will be enough clearance. In the later production runs, both ends of the brace is screwed down to the body at the point where I circled. I see some glue residue on mine so that's what they must have used and it came loose. The brace may pop back again so you might need to secure it either with screws or glue. You may not need to remove the cover as I did but it makes it much easier. BTW, that cover is almost half the weight of the model!

I thought you might like to see the entire backend without the cover.

I didn't take any pics before the fix but it looks ok now.

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