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I'm having problems getting the entire model to focus in the picture.... the front is fine but the rear is not in focus.... and I can't work out why..

any thoughts?
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That's not unusual actually. The only way to get aroudn that is if you can increase your F-stop to the max. My digicam only goes up to F8 and I always get a blurry backend. Some of the good digital SLRs (like Ronan and vegasracer's) goes up to F22 which makes a huge difference in getting much more of the car in focus.

What camera make/model do you have Malik?
Fuji Finepix S7000 mate..

f/stop is 2.8-8

I can't seem to get the hang of this camera at the moment...

what I was doing for my old camera doesnt seem to work with this one...
:iagree You have to set the F-stop value as high as possible. Also, pick your focus aiming point carefully, for example a good point to focus on for front quarter views is where the windscreen pillar meets the edge of the hood/bonnet, and for rear quarter views the rear edge of the back door or the bottom of the rear window of the car is a good focus point. Even with a high F-stop value you will not get perfectly sharp focus at both ends of the car but it will be almost perfect and once the correct end (eg. the front of the car in a front quarter view) is sharpest in focus then the picture should look great.

One other problem using a high F-stop value is that it often causes the shutter time to lengthen which results in terrible camera shake unless you use a tripod or a stand for the camera, and even a remote shutter release (as pressing the shutter button can also shake the camera). I have a neat plug in remote shutter release button for my Canon 300D SLR but you can improvise by using the shutter delay feature on most cameras. This takes a bit longer per photo but you also eliminate camera shake this way. :cheers
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yeah I think Im gonna get one of them Ronan and use the higher aperature..

it's taking me a bit to get my head around the aperature mainly I think.. I keep forgetting larger number = smaller hole and vice versa....

also the first lot of pics I tried was at night trying to rely just on my own lighting... I did a couple more today during the day and was alot happeir with the results....

I have to get more lighting I think and maybe knock up some sort of light box
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