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In my second Civilian Falcon is now here and I am thrilled with this model. class as many beautiful details, and the processing model is awesome :)

Ford FPV Falcon GT 2004 Series BA

The color is called "Blood Orange"

The 5-door sedan is power than the GT version of the entry model in the Falcon series

As standard, the GT had 18-inch wheels, two airbags, cloth or leather seats and air conditioning

The cost at that time point was approximately € 37,000

The engine, called the Boss 290 came from Ford USA. He was installed in the 2000 Cobra-R. The 5.4l V8 with 389 hp and 520 Nm 32Ventilen provided.

A look into the cockpit shows that the Falcon has a manual Tremec 5-speed gearbox fitted.

One of the many details, together with the belts buckle

Another moving detail, the front seats can be moved ...

... and also work.

As the engine came from the Cobra R was also specify that engine performance is often more like Ford.

Were often also the Flacon 420HP or more measured, just like the 70s Boss engines;-)

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If you like the big aussie falcons you need to get onto the Tornado's/Typhoons and the XR6 Turbos.

We have this thing we do in OZ called a Powerskid.
Foot flat to the floor and see how far you can do a burnout without touching the brake.

Here is a modified Ford Typhoon doing it.

Back on topic though.

Nice pickup on the GT. IF you can get a hold of another get the Silver and Orange Stripe version.
Looks great.
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