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My new one from Down under, a great Car.

Ford Falcon, FPV GT-P mk II

This is a Falcon from 2005

The Falcon GT-P has 19inch Wheels

Under this Hood, theres a Great Engine placed...
The Engine give the Falcon the Power for an 5.9sec Sprint to 100km/h

BOSS, these are the 4 letters taht Ford Fans love.
5.4l V8 BOSS 290 engine with 430PS and 520Nm.

Its an big Sedan car, a lot of Space

In the Mark II Falcon, Ford has installed the Oil and Temparatur Gauges from the Race Car

Its looks verry nice the Diecast Seats and the look alike leather, an extra is the center Console to open

The same on the rear Places.

If you have an flat Tire, no problem, spare Tire is on board

at his Place

and with the Floor

The Falcon has a 6-Speed Gearbox Tremex T56, like the 03/04er Cobra Mustang.

With his Brother from the Racetrack

a "litte bit"more Spoiler than the Streetcar:)

OK, Exhaust and the Rear Wing also changed:)

An Easy Sunrise Cruising at Home.

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Love the engine and boot compartment details - and also great comparison between the street and racing versions! Thanks for posting Mr Mach1 !!
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