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This is the Second Ford GT From Beanstalk (First was Yellow/Black)

Im planning to get the last 3 as well.
This model is widely regarded as a great car, the detail on it easlly surpasses anything Hot Wheels could do, has passed the latest Maisto's and snapping at the heals of AUTOart And Kyosho, all it really need's is a carpeted floor.

Here are pictures.


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Vince: Errr....lad's i think we have hit a little snag here.
Sid: What's that then.
Eddy: Yer what's the probl.........Oh i see
Vince: None of us will fit inside.
Sid: Maybe a Gurney Bubble in the roof of the door may help.

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Great car and a great model

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Congrats on the new arrival and thanks for sharing the pics :cheers

I have been seriously considering adding this model and I think your pics have convinced me that it would be a great addition to my collection :cheers

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:coolpics great pics Mr V.
I think B/stalk did a pretty good job for the price.
I have 2 on order and an A/A version.
thanks for sharing. :yahoo
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