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I thought I posted this a few days past, but evidently not....

Here is my much modified racer (new paint, decals, engine plumbing, totally reworked interior, painted and reworked wheels and tires, tow hooks, scratch built roll bar, etc....

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The decals came from a SLIXX 1:24 NASCAR Bobby LaBonte vehicle. They just seem to fit on this car to me.....

I will try to take an engine detail shot but the resolution of my camera is not that good for the close-ups!


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Hey Ben, with such incredible work that you do, is there a chance one could pay you to be your apprentice?

I am sure there are thousands of modders who would like to learn from you. I know I would.

Your Cobra looks absolutely fabulous!

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Thank you all again for the very kind remarks....

I got some new cars I'm about ready to shoot some photo's on. One is a Tamiya 1:12 Yardley McLaren I just completed. I've purchased around 10 or so more since these pictures.

I'll see what I can post tomorrow....

As for mentoring, I really appreciate the interest but I do not have the time, energy, or communication skills to mentor anyone. I am always happy to try and answer any question from anyone.....

PS: My camera does not have the resolution to take a close-up of the engine as you request, SORRY!

Have a great day!
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