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Friendly reminder. Please read.

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Hello fellow DXers,

Just a quick reminder to please remember the 60KB limit per pic guideline. Please try to stick to it because it would help the forum tremendously.

I know a lot of us here have high speed internet, but we must not forget fellow DXers with the agonizing, waiting forever dial-ups.

I'm certain most of you have noticed the increase in traffic we have recently (which is great btw), so it's up to all of us to make DX as user friendly as possible.

Thanks for listening. :cheers
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the new style is to do a thumbnail :cheers
Oops! That's would be my pictures. I should start using thumbnail like nadav said. :cheers
Thanks for posting that friendly reminder. :cheers
No problem.

Heck, I was just looking for an excuse to rack up my post count anyways...

I'm kidding! :lol
Hi Guys,

I thought if your pics were over 60kb they didn't upload anyway?

I thought i had resized one of my pics in my collection thread and couldn't understand why it wouldn't attach. I checked the size and it was 72kb. I resized it to 55kb or thereabouts and presto it attached no problem.

Am i right or was this just a fluke?


I think it's in reference to pictures uploaded elsewhere and used here.
u can show images that are over 60kb that arent uploaded directly to DX, but they'll soon be edited by a mod, so i wouldnt try it :giggle

and my connection is speed limited after ive downloaded a certain amount each month, so i have to deal with the agonizing, waiting forever associated with dial-up :lol

StrobinAvalanch is correct. This is a reminder for those who link pictures from outside sources.

We welcome all and look forward to see pictures from our members - It's pretty much expected, to tell you the truth. We're spoiled and like pics. However, we have to take into account the amount of pictures being displayed on DX. As I've mentioned, I'm sure many of us here have gone the high-speed internet way, but we must not forget our members that are still on dial-ups.

Here's another thing you might also (or will) notice - your banner disappears when you post numerous times in the same thread.

Why is that?

So the page would load up faster. :cheers
Don't worry Chris, we won't leave our 56K brothers & sisters behind. :cheers

Also, please read the Help, Tutorials, and Guidelines section before posting.

I know it may be boring to some, but that section was created for a purpose. So please read it. :wink

Thank you. :cheers
I learned how to post from the tut's :iagree

I got an account thru Photo bucket that helps do the thumbnails like this pretty easy if I can do it :cheers
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