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hey all i was wondering where i could get some gauges from? like moster tacho?
can u buy them? or do u have to find a car and get them off that car?
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I made them myself. What I did was find a aluminum / brass tube (or pipe) (scrap from my school's machine shop), diameter a bit smaller than 1/4". then slice it, depends on how think you want it, then go to a computer, find a image of tach face on the internet (www.summitracing.com, www.jegs.com, www.autometer.com are good sources), shrink it to scale, then print it using the best resolution (color laser will work best). then cover the image with clear tape, put doube sided tape on the backside, cut it to shape, then paste it to the slice you cut earlier. Done. :danbanna

Works quite good. I'll post picture if I have one soon.

Or like you said, you can take them off the cheap HotWheels Civics and Muscle Machine cars. But if you can buy one, that will be cool and I want to know too where to get one.
Sounds like an interesting project. I'd love to see pics of yours tanayast. Gauges on the A-pillar would be cool idea also.
:iagree That sounds pretty cool, I would really like to see a pic of them! :cheers
Well, Sorry for lack of better pictures. But this is a Welly Camaro SS. As you can see from the attached picture, I put a Monster Tach on the steering column. Sorry you can't see the tach face. But you get the idea.....

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In case you're curious to see the whole car, I attached a picture of it too.
The wheels are from DUB something, I forgot, bought them off eBay a long time ago. They don't steer but roll with no problem. I got the idea of customizing this car after reading an article about '310 Motoring'. Not really 100% my taste, but it's kinda fun mod to do, don't you think?
This picture was taken at my school engineering lab.

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Sweet! I like that tanayast. :cool1
Those wheels really fit that model well :cheers
hi thought i would give all you a heads up with a cheap car that has a monster tacho in it. its also got 3 subs a roll cage and nos tank some of you might know the car im talking about.
yes thats right the blue "WINGS WEST" honda civic hot tunerz range from hot wheels i bought it for $50.00 ok price i spose :confused i just took the monster tacho off the dash and the nos tank the seats r ok but might b 2 big they sorta look like seats from "RECARO". Steering wheel is ok but its the stock honda civic one so might b better to stick to the stock one in the car u want these parts to go and not put the civic one in unless you can master cutting the steering wheels off and then glueing them on. There are three subs in the back of the civic they r not like dubcity and just stuck in they r molded and also there is a amp molded on to the back shelf the amp looks like its not real but the subs look like a old range from "PIONEER" if you want the subs out i think u might need to be handy with a knife/blade. the engine is all chrome and does not look that good the intercooler is also chrome and would never fit in a 1:18 scale car unless u can shape it to fit but then it still does not look real as it has slats that go down not accross if you have a civic from AUTOart or another brand. i spose you could use parts off this civic for it such as the eye lids front bar rear bar and side skirts but then. you still need to know how to mold and cut down stuff.

when taking off the monster tacho you will have to cut or brake or try to take the end peace of roll cage that sits next to the tacho when you get that out u can. Get a blade i prefer to use the pen knife much eazy with that and just keep cutting and with something flat and strong try to lift it up at the same time it is best u do this some place where u can find a peace that might fly accross the room. this happen to me but it landed behind me i did'nt know it was behind me for 30mins of looking :WTF. i just used bit of blue tak to put it on the dash of my vt right in the corner you can paint this i spose but watch out for the dials on it as they r only paper type stuck on it i rather keep mine black looks like the "PHANTOM" range from "AUTO METER".

there really is not tips it has 2 long peaces of plastic that is going threw the back seat once you get it out there will b 2 holes left so u can't do it anyway. after you get it out just shave the 2 spikes down till its smooth and sits flat once done you can blue-tak or glue it to where u want it to be. I put mine in the boot of the clubsport then i put it in the center of the back seat. the nos tank is all blue so if you wish u can paint this say silver or anyother colour u wish. i just kept mine blue but might paint it soon in silver. You can also print out a nos sticker or find the stickers that r on the nos tanks with all the words about danger and warning and print that out and glue it on it after painted or not painted.

thats all for now if i found out where to get boost gauges or oil or water gauges from or a-pillers i will let you all know.

Ben (holden kid)
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Thanks for the info. I have laways found the tuner cars to be some reat donors.
np dx thought i would tell others that have not known already there are other cars out there you can get stuff off all you have to do is look for a hotted up car with body kit intercooler e.t.c and see if u can look in the windows b4 u buy it to see if the parts r there that u want e.g. the monster tacho on the dash or the subs in the back or the seats. but the only subs i know of that r eazy to get out. is made by jada/DUBCITY u can push the subs out eazy same with the amps they r not molded in i will keep hunting if anyone else sees anyother car with subs amps gauges good wheels e.t.c. plz let everyone know
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