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Decided to put up a thread here as well - i sure need the feed-back.

I'm still getting to know my 4-5 month old camera and now with the new pavement in the diorama - i'll lay out a nice photo spread for you to enjoy. I also am having a hard time getting the image size right, i know there's a size limit on the forum. Are the sizes of the pics below OK? Recently switched to mac and am having trouble learning how to live without ms paint as a image resizer *lol*. I'll have to get elements...

Always love feed-back, so don't be shy :feedback

I'll post just a few and the others, you'll find in the photo album i'm trying to put together - right here.


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Rich, Your pics are fine, both size wise, (""" x """) and kb size wise. DX guidelines are 640 x 480 and 60k or less. Adobe Elements or Adobe PhotoShop are both good programs for re-sizing and working with digital pictures. . . :coolpics
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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