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Dub City GMC Yukon Denali XL

Pics found at: http://community.webshots.com/album/95439526FtvNlm

Paint 8

The paint for my Denali is a basic white, pretty simple, nice and glossy and seems to be applied almost perfectly with no noticeable errors.

All the badging/labeling is tampoed nicely. Tampos include "Denali" on each door, the GMC badge in the front grill, the windshield banner (very nicely done!) and the rear stuff. The front and rear license plates are stickers but I would be surprised to find a tampo of that size and they are in no danger of peeling off (the rear one being well indented)

Exterior 6

The only problem with the exterior is the slight misfit on the doors and hood and the sealed rear doors. The doors could fit a little better in my opinion and the hood edges look a little too raised. The rear doors are sealed like on most of the Dub City cars so this doesn't come as a surprise but with the effort put into everything else one would think Jada would make four opening doors. I would appreciate it if Jada would stop using the dogleg hinges too, they just don't look good. Nothing terribly glaring here but the two problems are noticeable enough to drop the score.

Because this model is pre-modded its tough to judge accuracy. The body kit is integrated perfectly which is a plus and the size is actually correct. I compared to other vehicles with same chassis and a Welly Denali. This is encouraging to see from Dub City since I bought a 1:18 Celica which was absolutely atrocious, longer and wider than my H1, a definite 1:16 model. The mods are well done overall and on the exterior include rims, bodykit, vinyls, new gas cap, and Euro-style tail lights as well as shaved door handles. Sadly the door handls are gone leaving.....a blank side. Lets hope there's some kind of electronic system otherwise the owner will have fun prying at the door with his fingernails. The Euros are well done if a tasteless addition to the SUV but then again Dub City was always about excess. The Denali also features a nice dual exhaust system integrated into the bodykit and the unique, aforementioned gas cap. I'd like to note that the front grille looks great (unlike the Welly Denali), being a nice chrome and perforated. Its situated in between a pair of custom headlights with chrome fittings. The windows are tinted to a nice dark color and suitably round out the look of the Denali.

Overall this model looks like a showcar. Its very polished with all the neccesary goods for impressing your friends. Its certainly isn't Autoart but nothing on the exterior stands out as incorrect or cheap looking.

Interior 4

An odd part of the car is the interior. Compared with the exterior the front seats and dash don't exactly scream excess. The seats aren't stock but a slightly spongy plastic with a two tone pattern. They look slightly too small for the car and the front buckets are moved a little too far back but they're the only part that got my attention as not being totally satisfactory. On the right seat is a molded PS2 controller which looks a little bit too small and considering there is no TV in the front seat to look at seems out of place.

Most of the interior is a cream color with some variance on the dash and floormats. The mats are branded with GMC logo and are painted differently. They don't look great but certainly better an leaving a huge cream colored expanse for the floor. The pedals seem well moulded. The steering wheel is meant to be a custom piece and is extremely shiny. Overall the front part interior isn't particularly impressive but is just satisfactory. It really shines in the rear though.

The rear electronics are a major selling point for Jada. The sound system, which takes up the large trunk area AND the third bench features 4 large speakers, a pair of amps, 4 TVs of varying sizes, DUB logo and, just incase you didn't notice the disturbingly massive wheels outside, a wheel set inside the trunk with a spinner. What can I say? Its shiny, its big, it looks loud, expensive and keeps up the theme.

The interior up front isn't what you're gonna pay for. Its not bad, but the Dub vehicles really shine when you pop the trunk so if you like sound systems of prodigious cost and size this is your SUV.

Wheels/Brakes 4

Obviously the other selling point of Jada is the rims. These are made as large as humanly possible (probably, when converted to real life, would be about 26" instead of the claimed 24") and are very impressive, whatever your take on giant wheels. The wheels on top of being very detailed, are branded. This means, unlike Jadas competitors, that my Denali features Lionhart Valiant spinners. I like the ability to buy some of my favorite rim brands even if they are exceptionally large. The tires, being very low pro are unbranded and have a fairly ubiquitous tread pattern. The brakes are barely visible behind the spinners look ok but aren't anything special. They are a fixed unit with calipers and discs with half-drilled holes.

Engine & Undercarriage Detail 4

The engine here is a basic engine, with seperate parts, nothing really special. To help amend this, Jada painted everything either chrome or white. At first look this is pretty cool but is somewhat unrealistic. I find it unlikely that every single object under the hood could be colored either chrome or white. Either way it fits, since this is most definitely a show car.

The undercarriage is pretty much average and is a single piece with the exhaust painted on. Not impressive.

Competition 6

Not only does no one make the Denali XL but the Dub City version is quite unique with all the modded parts. I feel that it certainly outclasses Wellys version which isn't even really the same vehicle. I think its unlikely anyone will make the Denali XL since its a bit aging now.

Desirability 6

Since nobody makes this and its not sickeningly common (in my area) I guess it gets full credit.

Total: 38

A very nicely polished SUV for your money. If you like the style you'll love this vehicle. If big rims don't tickle your fancy most likely everything about this Denali will turn you off. You may not like the style but you can't deny the quality.


**Review added to the DX Model Review Database**
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