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I do have some great pics of this, but I am a bit of a spaz with computers, so if you want to see pics, I can e-mail them on an excel document to someone who can put them on the forum.

I wanted this model as soon as I laid eyes on it, as a rule I don't like American cars, but the 1967 Camaro is the exception.

The paint finish on this model is fantastic, I don't know how the paint finish was achieved, but it looks the business. Some of the chrome plastic trim parts on the exterior look a little cheap ( particularly the window wipers ) but the overall effect is superb. This is probably the most accurate looking model I own, ( even AUTOart and Kyosho can look a little gawky from some angles ) and it just looks so good sitting in my display cabinet.

The wheels and tyres look great, although any sort of brake detail is notable by it's absence. I assume the real Camaro came with rear drums and I can just make them out on the rear wheels, but on the fronts (if I squint ), I can see what appears to be the worlds smallest brake disc that is gripped by an invisble caliper. Not good !

Under the bonnet is much, much better, for starters, the bonnet has a great looking ( and working ) hinge that allows the bonnet to be raised and stay raised at any level. The engine detail is superb, all the individual hoses are made out and plumbed in correctly and the various tanks and brake master cylinder and radiator are all well detailed. You even get some wing covers and a polished metal circular air filter supplied with the model.

Unfortunately, this level of detail does not extend to the underside or the interior of the car, maybe I have been spoiled with the busy looking interiors of more modern cars, but apart from being very plain, the interior materials are average. The gearstick is crap and there is no trimming on the seats ( a bit of flocking or leather look material would be nice ). There is a white roll cage ( with moulding flash ) and a boot mounted fuel tank opening ( without the trick hinges ) but I was quite disappointed.

Underneath, the same lack of detail is apparent, there are springs for the non working suspension, but it all seems very simplistic. For some reason the exhaust tubing is white ??? and it all seems a bit naffola to be honest.

Overall, I really like this model and I am very pleased I went to the trouble and expense of getting hold of one, however, I am slightly disappointed by the lack of detail in some areas of the car and the quality was not as good as I was expecting ( I thought GMP were supposed to be a cut above AUTOart, a poor mans Exoto, if you will ). The driver's door sags on it's hinge and I have to keep it shut with blu tack !!! and some chrome plastic parts are rubbish.

I have just got my Minichamps Speedware Sierra and that is much more in line with what I was expecting.

I have also just got my AUTOart Murcy and I agree with the earlier review. I don't mind the plastic body parts, but the doors are garbage and when I opened them I thought they were broke !!.

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Excellent review! No suger coating, no bias opinion, just pure truth! That's the type of review I like. :jk:

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If you show your friend the pictures I've got, he will want one even more.

They are really hard to get hold of though.

I can send the pics to anyone who wants them
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