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I recently added these two cars from GMP to my collection.


I already have the Targa Florio 412PB and after reading a great book on the battle between Ferrai and the the Ford GT40 I wanted to get hold of a 330P. Not as indulgent as it sounds as both cars are very different particularly in the engine detail. I have previously raved about the 412P in this topic stream, a little prematurely as it was one of my first models! Saying that it was quite old and a former display version so a bit creaky. I decided to take a punt on a new 330P which I found at a bargain price after a bit of research. This version was 2nd at Le Mans and has a sleeker less cluttered body work to the later 412P, the detail is fantastic but as with the other version the shut lines are not what they should be and although very heavy it has many very fragile details which you have to be careful of when clearing it with a duster! I am pleased to have this version and it looks great. I will probably sell on the 412P at some point as it is less significant for me.

The 312PB is another level. This really works for me, I think the 330P is a difficult car to capture but GMP really got the 312PB and it's brutal elegance here. Again shut lines are not great but over all it feels much more solid and just looks cleaner and better put together. I think they really stepped on with this so it is a shame they went under and we never got a chance to see the 512 that was in the works. I am now pinning my hopes on the CMC 312P Berlinetta for my sports car Ferrari fix!

One aspect that is rubbish is the front cover under the nose that covers the break pedals. This comes off but is clipped very lightly onto the steering column. It flaps about and is very poorly engineered. I would rather have a bit less detail and a more solid model. Saying that this is one of my favourite cars and models in my collection and I am glad to have two of my favourite drivers represented as this was driven by Jackie Ickx and Clay Regazzoni.
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