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Good or bad... rag gets dirty when polishing

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I'm using this Meguiar's Clenaer Wax on all my models as I posted in another thread here. I can almost swear by this stuff as it is that good.

Now I'm starting to wonder about some things. When I use this stuff, I'm using a soft cotton rag to apply and buff it out. When applying it I can clearly see imperfections such as sticker residue(AUTOart models) easily disappear. Now heres the kicker, when I remove it, while gently buffing it out, with the soft rag, I get a dirty residue. Nothing big, but still I wonder how good it can be. :zi:

Is this stuff just cleaning the cars surface really good or am I breaking the paint down, which explains the the dirty residue. :?

BTW, I still in awe of the shine this stuff leaves. ;-)
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On another note.

I recieved some models in the mail from an eBAY auction, all of the models were badly oxidized, I mean really bad. I thought about contacting the seller and asking for my money back as I thought the models were ruined.

Well the paint looked like a 1:1 cars paint after it sat in the rain and had water spots on it. And the water spots were really thick. I never seena model car with so much dust built up on the interior parts. I took my finger and wiped off one of the seats and this stuff was really packed on.

Well thats the condition of the cars.

After a lot of ddebating on what to do, clean them or contact the seller. I decided to use the Meguiars Cleaner Wax and after the first coat the car looked like it was new. I then applied a second coat and it looked like a new car that had been well taken care of :sm: Remarkable stuff this is.

Now I'm going to take the models apart and clean the interiors :???:

After all is cleaned, one more coat and they should be ready to go on display. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Can't say thats happened to me.. fingers crossed... but thats some harsh luck dude, in his description did it say what state the models were in?
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