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My Saubers have loose wheels until you tighten the nuts. Be careful though you dont want to damage the thread on them.
Once its sitting on the wheels you wont notice they are loose so i would leave them as it.

You dont need to cut the foam off the tyres either. Just pull it lightly on a circular motion a bit like how you open a paint tin lid.
Work your way around and they just slide off. Then you can put them on later.

Regarding the box, for a car that is what 10 years old at least, it looks pretty good especially as it doesnt have the outer box with it.

I say open the model right up put it on display and enjoy it.

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Thanks for the tips fellers. I am at work until late today so first chance I will get (probably tomorrow) I will check if the wheels can be tightened up. If yes, the flat spots would be the main issue, and I will see if window spray fixes them. You haven't told me if this flat spot issue is common though...

The seller's name is gustone1976 on eBay. The fact that he is one of those "WOW EXTREMELY RARE" sellers (nearly every listing of his that I see has this) and at inflated prices should have given me a clue to stay away (check out # 331246114240 , BIN £150 for a model that goes for £50 to £70 at most). Even though I've been buying from eBay for a year, I still have lots to learn it seems.

I am a perfectionist (some may say anal) about the things I am really into. For me the definition of a grail model is something that I want in perfect condition unless I know upfront that there are flaws with it. I suspect the unless the wheel and tire issues are sorted out it will keep bothering me. I would HAPPILY spend a €100 more to get a proper perfect condition model then live with a flawed model all my life.

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Uzair sorry but somehow you overreact with the '' problems '' model have..
This model is old like 10 years or something like that. I have AEG eidition and the model was first time opened last month when I made some pictures when I wanted to sell it.
There is only Exoto envelope in the box. And silica gel :) Nothing else..
Here you can see how my model was in the box.

This is on the top

ANd my box whic is really new without defect

because it was kept in the withe outer box

and also this box was kept in another white box which is not original with the package..
So there was no protecting paper over the model or in the box,...
Also my wheels were loosen a little bit but I screw them on and they are fine.
Basicly I was selling this model for 250Eur plus shipping but at the end I decided to keep it in collection. It is really nice model.

From your pictures it looks like your model is fine. Get it out of the box, clean it a little bit and put it in the display.
And again. Model is OLD. It cant be NEW at all! Be happy you got the model in condition you did. It could be much worse!
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