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Great finds tonight!

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Just came back from KB.I was just looking and I was going to buy the Hot Wheels Ford Focus rally for $12.99 then I saw the Bburago Chrysler Crossfire which I have been waiting to get imported here. I was going to get 2 but I saw this very nice caddy from maisto. All 1/18's were 2 for $20.I got both of these cars for $21.50.

The crossfire isn't bad.Exterior detail is great,interior sucks. When I took the car out the headlight assembly fell off but it was fixable. The wheel is also alittle wobbly. I think they were cars that didn't meet store standards. Some have doors drooping, headlights messed up and scratches all over. I got the best one in my opinion.

The caddy is excellent. I love the blue color.

These are just some quick pics:
Pic 1

Pic 2-Size difference!

Pic 3-Look at the plate

Suprisingly these are only the 3rd and 4th diecast purchases of the year.Comments welcome! :feedback :cheers
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Congrats! :cheers :cheers

I have been looking for the Crossfire around here with no luck as of yet :cry
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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