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Here are my initial thoughts on Greenlight's new 1970 Dodge Challenger offering, specifically the Poly Blue 383-powered R/T, after receiving my copy today.


1- The color is so sharp. Reminds me a bit of the 1960s HotWheels in "Spectraflame" paint colors… a very metallic candy blue.
2- The etched emblems are gorgeous.
3- The 383 engine is a very welcome departure from the HEMI-heavy norms.
4- The white interior is stuffed with terrific details.
5- Doors have realistic hinges.
6- My concerns about the hood's raised area looking too high in Greenlight's photos were unfounded. I hope my pictures show the proportions are great.


1- The tires are reminiscent of the old Ertls- plastic, hard, too-large lettering, blah/toy-like tread. Swapping a set of GMP Rallyes on will be my first change and seems like a 'must'.
2- Paint shows several application problems. A huge run under the driver's door, dust in the hood blackout and around the scoop seams. Bear in mind this candy over-metallic is a daringly difficult thing to do right. NOTE: The pics show what looks like paint bubbles low behind the left/rear tire...but it's just dust sitting on the car...it wiped right off when I noticed it later.
3- The grille's silver oval is incorrectly shaped and somewhat distracting from the car's other nice lines.
4- The hood's trim is very wavy. I think it is a victim of temperature changes during transit, as it got less warped the longer it sat in a warm room…but hasn't fully straightened itself yet and I doubt it will.
5- Dogleg hood hinges on a new casting? This seems a dumb choice.
6- Engine is underwhelming in detail level- better than old Ertls but not even close to Highway 61 offerings.

I love this car. The lines are crisp and 'real', not the usual mold-friendly softened edges. The paint isn't overly thick, making soft edges even softer. I got it for less than $45 and feel it's worth the more usual $55. It isn't quite Highway 61 $75 territory, so tempered expectations will help you love it as I do.

More photos (Click any thumbnail to see a bigger pic....then click on the bigger pic to see it even bigger)...

Dollars-vs-Features, I find it's a good deal. Now I'm off to order up some more Rallyes…

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Thank's for the review :goodjob

For the price it's probably better to buy an HW61, they made many Challenger and often they are on sale for around $50.00 U.S.

I got just just one Greenlight it's a Challenger convertible, for now I never open the box, but it's hard to find a convertible Challenger for less then $100.00 U.S.

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Great read, Buddy! Thanks for taking the time to put the review together. I've been temped by these a few times and it's great to know what lies ahead when I decide to pull the trigger on one.


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It's a shame they got the grille shape so wrong as otherwise it's a great looking car. The 71's grille is equally as bad (actually worse) in the way that it flares out in the center whereas the 1:1's grille doesn't flare at all.
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