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My site is now back up and has gotten a revamp. Heres some of my latest work:

Click the sig to see the rest of the pics!
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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :cool1 Those rims look awesome under it! :drool
Nice work!!! :cheers
That GS400 looks phat!!! You picked sweet rims for that car. I've seen a few 1:1 modified GS400s with Veilside aero kits and Borla exhaust systems and they are wicked. (I could handle that as my 'family car' :giggle )

Have you considered tinting your windows gafotes?
I'm not a big fan of the dub craze, but I have to admit those rims suite that car - nice work. :cheers
I'm not a fan of Dub cars/models either but this looks really good! :nicejob
I see that DUB City is now making the GS400 with these wheels.

Nice work on this one :cheers
What kind of wheels are those and where did they come from?
Thanks for all the great replies guys!

I have considered tinting the windows and I will do it once I get a handle on one of the dozen other projects i'm working on.

The rims are 20" Maya DTS rims from a 1:24 Dub City Silverado. :danbanna
You did a fine job there. Me likes :drool
the rims really suit the car,
nice work Gafotes :cheers

a window tint would be awesome and some ICE :cheers
I just had to sneak another peek (no, stare) at this GS400. Sa-weeeeeeet!!! :phaty :phaty
:drool That GS looks baller-riffic! :nicejob
I always liked the GS400s. VVERY CLEAN gafotes!! I have 2-1/24s by DUBCITY
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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