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Love at first sight. This is how I would describe this model. As much as I love models with full opening parts, I happened to see this GT Spirit and I knew it would look nice next to my other Porsches.
Normally I like to collect models that have a definitive history, like the ones that raced at LeMans, DTM, F1 or WRC. But I know nothing about this car which is owned by Lammertink Racing and was driven around in some obscure races in Europe. Please pardon my ignorance. Their website has some gorgeous pics of the car and also the Renault Transporter. Great project for Mike Neagu when they release the 1:18 of the truck.
Pros and cons of the model.
Great fit and finish. QC can improve but I guess the disjointed front lip on my car, which was successfully pushed back into place although with some nervous moments, might have been a result of a long journey to India.
The paint is not as white as it should be. It looks off-white and this takes away some of the charm of the Martini livery. (Again a motivation to get a race car.) The livery is sharp and is tampo printed. So I don't have to worry about them peeling off like those on Minichamps models.
The wheels are beautiful to look at. Not overly shiny. Just right. Also good detail on the brakes discs and pads. Shame the front wheels cannot be steered. Would look wonderful in the photos otherwise.
Lights are a plus point. Both front and rear. No stubs. Just great textured bits of plastic and that Porsche inscription on the rear lights is such a joy to look at.
The underneath shows hint of an engine. I wish they would have made it in 3D form instead of just a 2D plate. The exhaust pipes coming out are a separate piece though. I missed taking a pic of that little detail.
The vents are just black paint. I wish they had been perforated but I think it would affect the rigidity of the engine cover and wing.
I paid 100 USD for this model. Twice what I paid for a Porsche 956, ( Boss liver)by Minichamps a few months ago and that has some incredible detail.

With roll cage,

Cloth seat belts.

The end.

Bonus pics with the UT Alfa Romeo 155.

Thanks for looking.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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