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GT40 #6

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So far no one else makes the GT40 1969 Le Mans winner but Jouef. As you all know, Jouef is not the greatest of the diecast brands, so until someone else makes the #6, we're stuck with Jouef's version.

After quite some time I finally was able to make my model a little better. Basically I had made (almost) all the decals, moded the engine and cockpit and made the wheels a little better. If you want to see more pics, please click on my sig.
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There's something about the shape of that car and its colours that really captivates me. :cool1 :cool1
:drool :drool :drool

Very :cool1 GT-40, Luciano!
you made this car look signinficantly better :cheers

great job :cheers
Looks great LUW :nicejob
You really improved the look of this. :cheers

OT this was my first 1:18 ever :danbanna
Thanks people! :cheers
The hardest part were the decals, because the guy that made them for me printed ALL on a transparent paper. So everyone of them, that have a white background, I had to glue them on a white decal paper and then cut and paste to the car :blastaway. You can imagine the chore that it was!
Looks great LUW, nice work! :nicejob :nicejob
Thanks Kurt. It came out rather nicely. :cheers
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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