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GTO '64, Thanks Jeff. . .

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I should have put this model on my 2005 wish list because I have wanted it for a very long time. Max Power (Jeff) was clearing out some of his models and I was lucky enough to get this one from him. Thanks Jeff, I love it!

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Lovely catch there Eddie, big thanks to our Jeff

Great photos by the way, very realistic :nicejob :nicejob
Congrats Eddie :cheers very nice model :coolpics
I like that myself :nicejob

That is really sweet :tongue
The colour on that is stunning Eddie . Congrats :cheers
Congratulation, Eddie - that's beautiful! Great polishing job, Jeff, and good one for passing it on at such a good price.
:iagree with Gary.

Thats a nice model you've got yourself there.

I can't wait to see it after it gets the full Eddie treatment :cheers
Congrats Eddie, :cheers that's a beautiful model, especially the color! Who made that model? :confused
It is by Guiloy mosteller. . .
:coolpics :coolpics Great pictures Eddie, love the car, even though you show it to me in person last night :giggle :nicejob :nicejob
The engine is finished:

The "Treatment" continues. . .
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Another great job, Cobalt - can't wait to see more of the model!
Congrats on getting that GTO Eddie. :nicejob :nicejob That's great to hear you were able to snag this from Jeff. No doubt, he did an awesome job packing. :wink Your engine is looks really sharp. I can hardly wait to see things as they progress.
Looking good, Eddie :nicejob
Well, the Guiloy Ferrari 250 GTO '64 I got from Jeff is complete. As you can see, no dramatic changes to the exterior, most of the work was done under the skin. . .

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can i ask what you did to the spinners and wheels? thanks
For the spinners, I capped the holes with small round pieces of sheet plastic, the thinnest I had. I should use Al's (acisne) trick of a leather punch with assorted ends on it, but I haven't gotten around to buying one yet, so I cut them out by hand. Then I spray the entire knock off with chrome paint and then seal it with 2 or 3 coats of gloss clear. For the wheels, I paint the rim part silver and then seal it with gloss clear and add valve stems, just a piece of black wire.
Great job Eddie!!! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

Gotta tell ya, the Eddie Treatment works wonders everytime! :giggle

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