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guess who's back

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hey all you diecastxchange members
some of you new fellas don't know me but most of the older members will remember me.
i am back but not on here 24/7 i can only get on the internet every thursday when im at tafe(bit like collage for non-aussie members)
reason for not being here all the time or for ages is because our computer was left on while we was all out and when we got home was not working reason for not working bit a** thunderstorm with heavy lightning.
anyways i don't have a computer to access but will try get on here at least once a week to see how things are going..

i have started the custom BMW325i and its really looking good atm well interior is anyways(check out CUSTOM CARS for details)
i have also started again on the MUSTANG pro-street racing car in full street trim.

might not have pics up for a few weeks/months cause can't bring any cd's in and use on the computers cause of "virus" awares...but i will try find a pic on the internet and show you what i have done. it looks pritty sporty/showstyle and its done to my likes and not just throwing everything on till i can't fit anything else on it.

at tafe(like collage) i am doing a basic computer corse so i can then do other computer corses such as computer grafix the teacher i have for this yr is h*ll good :D since i know all the stuff already(learnt at home) she letting me use the internet and do what ever i want on the computer :D she not only good but good looking to for a chick thats older then me think she might be about 29yr old or 30yr old.

anyways better
get back to searching this forum as i have been away 4agez

C U all around l8r

ben 'holden_kid' "HKDZINZ"
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I agree, it's great to see you back and posting whenever you can. It's far better to have 'quality' posts than 'quantity' posts.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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