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Kremer Racing, D
Kremer K8 Spyder WSC - Porsche
J. Tomas Saldana, E
Carl Rosenblad, S
Jürgen Lässig, D
DNS Giovanni Lavaggi, I

the car did not finish in 1997 due to engine problems,but Spark finished this car to great extent.Again another car to add to the Gulf livery stable :help
the quality and detail of the tampo's on these little cars never ceases to amaze me :yahoo

this car didn't but the one i got did......thanks Kyle
Gulf Oil Racing, GB
Kremer CK8 Spyder - Porsche
Derek Bell, GB
Robin Donovan, GB
Jürgen Lässig, D

the car did indeed finish 6th in 1994


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Yep you did it again . Great little car Steve , this one I really do like .

Its about time you added some more P cars to your collection . Congrats :cheers

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Are you sure you have the right car Stevie? :confused

Wasn't that the car from Le-Mans 1994 where it finished 6th?
Driven by Derek Bell, Robin Donovan and Jurgen Lassig i believe.
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