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H2 (suv)

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back where am from (Guam) we get hit by major typhoons pretty frequently so this truck represents a tricked out typhoon rapid response team vehichle. what you are seeing is on the graphics is thearea code which is 671, the guam flag leading into the flames and the shape of our island. so basically yhis is a search and rescue h2 671 style.
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I'm not really into the big jeeps, but you have shown some pretty cool versions here :cheers

I really like the graphics :nicejob
Nice lift there 67! Many people do similar long-travel conversions for Kyosho Mini-Z 'Overland' remote control cars that I race :cheers
i've never seen one been dumped to the ground.
maye you're not interested heh?
need to sacrifice a lot :)

nice decaling :happytwo
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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