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This cute little bot was given by Souky to my daughter. About a year ago, she saw Souky's own Hamugear and said how cute it was. I tried to find one for her but the white/yellow one is very hard to find in North America. Only the white/grey one could be found. So somehow or other Souky kept a mental note of things and managed to track a white/yellow Hamugear down.

From my daughter to you....THANK YOU SOUKY!!

The little dude before climbing into the bot...

Now he's behind the controls...

Check out the cool interchangeable arm attachments...

Hamugear in search of diecasts and bots to take over...

:lol Looks like you're having more fun with Hamugear than the little lady. Better give Hamu back to her before she pinches you. :giggle
1 - 8 of 8 Posts