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Hard to find Kyoshos?

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Are the Kyosho 300SL and Cobras hard to find? I see them in the catalogues, but I've never seen one in person...

I see that the Cobra got model of the year back when it was released, but no one ever talks about it here? What about the 300SL, is it good? Probably worse than the new Minichamps one, but how much worse?

I really like the 300SL and I'm hoping to find the Kyosho one... anyone seen it? And at what price points?

Thanks for all your help!
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The Kyosho 300 isnt much better than the Bburago version.

Go for the Minichamps , its much nicer and more accurate
Here is my opinion,
The Kyosho Cobra is not a very Kyosho like diecast.
It is a very old tool and not up to the latest standards. They have also just re-released the cobra with a few upgrades.
Regardless, the body shape is not very true to the original, mainly in the back fenders. The same body mold is used on the much cheaper (and even less detailed) Yat Ming. The YT a great model to detail yourself.
If you could pick up the Kyosho on the cheap than go for it but if you are looking for a highly detailed and accurate Cobra then you are out of luck I'm afraid.

The 300 SL is more Bburago like than what the Minichamps will look like.

The older Kyosho's were great cars when released but the industry has really advanced since then and sometimes the price for them do not really add up when considering the detail.
Gary check out this classic topic by Michamel. Hope you get your answer.
SL 300 comparo.
Shahel got one of the Kyosho 427s not long ago. I don't know where it got it from.

thanks for all the info guys!

Guess I'll forget looking for the Kyo and look for an affordable Minichamps instead :giggle
Im hoping that the Cobra will look better.
If the article in the spring '05 edition of "DiecastX" magazine is any indication, the upgraded Cobra will be stunning! :tongue
The wheels are a huge improvement.
That's what I heard too. :tongue
For what it's worth, the KY's 300SL rims are not modelled correctly. The only neat one is the pearl white version, the colour is very nice.
Shelby_fan, those Cobras are gorgeous. I would like mine to have chrome exhaust pipes. The white paint on these are the only things icky to me.
I agree, the white pipes are weird as heck...

Those pics are the old molds? I wanna see the new ones and see if they've gotten rid of the dog-leg hinges...

And Kelvin, didn't Kyo only release the 300SL in white?
oh my, I only have Kyosho's 2004 catalogue, and they only show the white!

Guess that means they continued to produce the 300SL in 2005 with new colours?

Those photos are of the new version. The new version is not a new mold, it has new details such as belts, single carb 427, single element taillamps...

As far as the exhaust is concerned, you could buy the Yat Ming cobra with the chrome exhaust and do a swap. Very easy. The white pipes are correct for the racing Shelby's.
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