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HELP! wheel swap Welly/Maisto

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Is it possible to swap the wheels of a Welly Camaro SS with those of a Maisto Chevelle SS 454 convertible? I mean, can I put the Maisto wheels on the Welly? :feedback
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Anything is possible, you may have to do some modding in order for the Welly model to accomodate the wheel change and still be able to roll. :cheers
Thanks DX. I've never done anything like that before. :confused
I put the Maisto ZR1 5 spoke wheels on a Welly Camaro SS and they fit just fine, although it didn't roll. I think the inside of the Maisto wheels are slightly larger and will wobble a bit( its been a long time since I've done this)
Speedfiend just be careful bc those maistos can break.
Speedfiend said:
I mean, can I put the Maisto wheels on the Welly? :feedback
I don't know as I have never tried it myself but when you find out, let us know. Sounds interesting. :cheers
:iagree Sounds interesting :cheers

When I first tried to take Maisto wheels off, I knew I had to be careful with them, but I also had to put a little more pressure on them then I had first thought.
Yeah, I tried prying the wheels off of the SSR concept last night and it was :cuss frustrating. I was afraid I was gonna break'em. :scared
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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